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developing sustainable products

Make products that are better for the planet, and your shareholders.

According to our Capgemini Research Institute report Rethink: Why sustainable product design is the need of the hour, sustainable product initiatives generate results: 73% of organizations have seen an increase in revenue growth, and 75% have seen an increased ability to attract capital.  ​

A greener product generates less CO2 emissions and less water and energy to manufacture. So leveraging patents, green energy, digital product passports, circularity tools and techniques, as well as climate tech, can  unlock competitive advantage and help the planet.

We create, engineer, and redesign your products by looking at the big picture – considering the planetary boundaries, the product lifecycle, current and future regulations, cost constraints, and corporate values.

Moving towards sustainable product design

Why sustainable product design is the need of the hour.

Capgemini Research Institute

What we do

Next generation and sustainable aerospace and defense

A unique platform designed to accelerate the adoption of sustainability in the aviation industry.

Our Lifecycle Optimization for Aerospace platform automates the inspection process of aircraft parts and optimizes the lifecycle analysis and guides decisions to extend their lifespan.
In addition, we look at the decarbonization of aviation energy sources, support design and certification of new airplanes concepts, and facilitate the adoption of autonomous systems and drones in industrial operations and services.

How to meet the needs of global energy consumption, and demand now and in the future?   

The world needs to intensify its search for reliable supplies of renewable, sustainable and affordable energy.

We look at how to make green energy cost-effective and ecologically-sound, at scale, for all components of the sustainable energy mix; this includes wind, solar, hydrogen, batteries, biogas, and carbon capture.

Achieving the vision of automotive sustainability will take OEMs into unfamiliar territory.

The automotive industry has made steady progress on sustainability, but a more rapid acceleration toward a systemic approach is now needed.

We support the automotive industry’s path to carbon neutrality across the mobility value chain through innovative change management, sustainable holistic design, EV powertrain engineering, and energy optimization.

Integrating sustainability at the core of product strategy and development.

80% of a product’s emissions (measured as Scope 3 emissions)  can be directly linked to how the product was conceived – in other words, in the design phase.

Our approach to greener products is to shift away from the traditional quality-cost-time framework to quality-sustainability-cost-time methods and tools, and re-think the way products are designed from the start, how decisions are made, and how success is measured – to generate positive impacts on your environmental performance and business growth.