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Oswaldo Armas

Consultant II
Atlanta, Georgia

Experienced professionals


Tell me about what you do at Capgemini?

I’ve been with Capgemini since October 2021 and provide support to one of our clients. I process ticket requests.

What do you love about your job?

The work/life balance is the absolute best. I live with my parents and my dad has an autoimmune disorder that presents itself as respiratory problems. Nobody else at the house works from home, it’s just me and him. So it really allows us to be there for each other, and that’s so important to me. It’s been great for our family.

Tell me about your involvement in the HOLA employee resource group (ERG).

It’s a great opportunity for Latino and Hispanic people to come together and share one another’s cultures – and not just with each other, but also with Capgemini as a whole. And that’s very important to me, being from Venezuela. That’s a part of me I like to share with people whenever I can – it’s another way to feel connected, not just to the company but to my fellow employees. One of my favorite ways of sharing my culture is with food. If you’ve never tried a Venezuelan arepa, do yourself a favor because they are fantastic.

What has been one of the most memorable moments in your Capgemini journey?

Well, there are two. First, when I got the call for the job offer, my parents were at the beach on vacation, and I remember calling them and they just started cheering. And second, when I got put on my first project, it was such a big day for me and there was again a lot of cheering from our end.

What advice would you give someone who is joining Capgemini?

Try to learn as much as possible. If you’re interested in something, pursue the avenues you have time for, because that’s really what’s going to help you determine where you want to go, and you do have the freedom to take your career down the path you want.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

Being part of such a great big company that has so many different aspects to it – Capgemini does so many things! It’s impressive, and I’m very proud to be here as an employee.

What is the most important Capgemini value to you?

Well, they’re all pretty important, but I think teamwork is the one that’s the most important to me, because if you can’t work with a team then that’s pretty much a nonstarter.

How has Capgemini helped you get the future you want?

If there’s anything that interests me, I can investigate it, as long as I have the time. I can get certifications if I want to, and being able to expand my knowledge and increase my value has been a huge help. Working here at Capgemini along with the tools that are available to me empowers me in my day-to-day life to really take my career in the direction I want.