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Digital Assurance

Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) Digital Assurance group, a thought leader in digital transformation, is recognized within the United States federal space for its unique capabilities in digital assurance. The focus of the Digital Assurance group is to consistently empower our clients with early insight into process deficiencies and system defects so managers can make timely and informed decisions.

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Digital Assurance services

Independent verification & validation (IV&V)

Our IV&V service provides the high-touch and knowledgeable support necessary to consistently achieve successful outcomes by assessing whether user requirements are met (verification) and evaluates whether the product or system is built to required specifications and that it meets stakeholder needs (validation).

Intelligent test automation services

Our intelligent test automation services within Digital Assurance provides a platform that integrates end to end with DevOps and reduces manual intervention by delivering autonomous automation solutions. With a built-in design and execution environment and multiple touchpoints, our platform offers different automation frameworks and solutions in one unified offering, eliminating wasted time and effort.

Strategic consultancy and testing

Our strategic consultancy and testing approach to digital assurance improves business agility while reducing costs and technical risks. We work with our clients to optimize existing IT investments and tailor-make and integrate new approaches and address digital assurance from a business perspective.

  • Customized and tailor-made digital assurance solutions: Analyze the current IT platform and provide customized processes to adapt and integrate into agile, scaled agile, and traditional frameworks and methodologies.
  • IT modernization and digital-transformation services: Provide a digital-transformation roadmap to guide projects to adopt agile and seamlessly transition from other IT models to agile.
  • Managed testing services: Provide a transformational approach with the appropriate test organizational processes and environment specific for each process area. Our testing services have been proven to be successful in preventing 98 percent of high-severity defects and have improved time to market by at least 15 percent.

Digital QA and testing

Our end-to-end digital quality assurance and testing solutions meet the increasing needs and demands of rapidly changing environments. Our robust solutions provide adequate and timely coverage for a seamless integration and transformation between technologies and platforms.

General testing services

Our general testing services approach includes in-depth analysis, strategic planning, proactive management, precise execution, comprehensive reporting, and other critical program activities to support our client’s specific test needs. We understand that government agencies require support for general testing services as part of their continued evolution and consolidation of testing. General testing services cover testing support independent of specific test types (like SAT and FIT) and may support specific parts of the testing process or provide complete end-to-end testing depending on specific program and project needs.

CGS Digital Assurance testing expertise and capabilities extend to waterfall, iterative, and agile development methodologies. Our approach is to perform testing activities as early as possible in the development cycle. Our testing process focuses on verification strategies that include in-depth requirements analysis, business process modeling of the end-to-end processes, and system/functional, integration, regression, and performance testing. Our test support also includes security and 508 testing as required by US law. Our goal is to generate all required outputs and documentation and ensure a thoroughly tested, on-time release with no defects escaping to production.

Internet of Things (IoT) testing

Our Digital Assurance understands that IoT technology is finding its application in all business sectors and, increasingly, it is going to be a permanent element of day-to-day life. CGS Digital Assurance IoT testing strategy has the flavor of embedded testing and application testing and spans most of the functional and non-functional testing types based on the client’s need and focus.

Our approach to IoT is to operate an environment in which objects and people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This enables them to share intelligent information with each other or to the backend database directly through embedded sensors and actuators connected over the internet.

Test data and environment management

Test Data Management (TDM) and Test Environment Management (TEM) are key challenges organizations face with the increasing adoption of agile and DevOps practices. The creation and maintenance of complex data sets in different test environments have become challenging tasks as businesses collect an ever-increasing volume of data related to their daily operations and user preferences. Our Digital Assurance team is there to interpret, analyze, and test such data with different groups and people within the business to know how it can be best managed, used, and shared.

Usability testing services

CGS Digital Assurance group helps clients perform and facilitate usability testing with its representative users. Our usability process identifies any usability problems, collects qualitative and quantitative data, and determines client satisfaction with the product. With a goal to identify issues as early as possible in the life cycle, our process ensures high-cost efficiency, minimal impact on the schedule, and high customer satisfaction and experience.

Performance engineering services

Our performance testing will align with the overall approach of integrating testing into DevOps at the project and enterprise levels. Through our infrastructure core model, we conduct performance assessments on a demand basis or as scheduled. We will apply shift-left principles to bring performance testing into the project pipelines.

Our technical approach to plan, manage, and conduct performance engineering and performance testing activities is built on an appreciation and understanding of the need for baselining of systems for validation and the use of experienced practitioners to conduct performance testing early and often in the development life cycle. Our results have proven to be comprehensive and executed by skilled staff, rooted in fundamentals, and supported by a strong test management approach that creates early defect detection and lowers deployment risks.