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Start your journey to creating an amazing people experience

Antoine Starek
Oct 12, 2023

No matter what your entry point, it’s essential to get started on the journey to creating an impactful people experience for your organization.

In the first article in this series, we looked at the gap between perception and reality in employee satisfaction in the workplace. In the second one, we outlined the People Experience as a destination, and presented the steps organizations needed to take to get there.

In this, the final article, we’re going to provide a quick to-do list for anyone who wants to get started, and we’ll also look at some real-world success stories.

People experience – the starting point…

What are they key takeaways for any organization seeking to develop a smart, integrated people experience solution that benefits employees and the business alike?

Here’s where to start:

  • Assess people readiness – organizations should assess the current experience and identify the pain points so they can be addressed
  • Align conditions for optimisation – Align the stakeholders impacted by people challenges so they have a common goal, and so they can set the conditions for achieving it
  • Make people data (finally) useful – comprehensive, organized data, smartly interpreted, can identify areas of weakness in the people’s experience, whether it is addressing the themes (technology, culture) or the employee movements that matter (onboarding, learning and development, or daily work)
  • Solve pressing pain points – this data can then be used to identify quick wins and address these pain points
  • An example of the previous point could be to reinvent the people experience portal. Most employees use intranets as their single means of interacting with the business as whole. Most of these intranets are outdated and don’t provide a good experience. A properly designed and responsive portal furnishes users with content relevant to them at the right stages of their career, providing instant access to the applications and support services that are specific to them
  • Leverage a learning-at-scale engine – working with a knowledgeable and experienced service provider, organizations can develop a learning platform to ensure their employees have the right training to upskill at the right time, customized to the individual or persona.

… and the destination

What benefits can businesses expect to see from a coordinated solution that brings together people, processes, and technology? Here, in brief, are the stories of two global organizations.

A leading energy producer and supplier needed to refresh its workplace environment as part of an overarching technology transformation and enable its employees to enroll in the workplace, access applications, and collaborate with colleagues at any time and from anywhere.

In another example, a major pharma company was being challenged by multiple disparate IT service desk environments, and needed to modernize its IT landscape to unlock digital yield through innovative and fully automated services.

In both cases, we worked closely with the business on an intelligent, cloud-based transformation approach, covering multiple aspects of IT users’ day-to-day operations. This delivered a range of benefits for each organization that included a next-generation people experience; a sustainable, modernized, scalable workforce; enhanced productivity and user experience; and reduced total cost of operations.

The key takeaway from this blog should be: no matter what your entry point, it’s essential to get started on the journey to creating an impactful people experience.

To learn how Capgemini’s People Experience can help you create and sustain an environment in which your people are engaged and can thrive, ensuring they become a real competitive advantage for your business, contact: or

Meet our expert

Antoine Starek

Intelligent People Operations Leader, Europe, Capgemini’s Business Services
Antoine Starek leads HR transformation projects for clients, and is responsible for all aspects of project and client management and people management skills.

Jon Harriman

Group Offer Lead – People Experience
Jon is a renowned expert in employee experience, leveraging his role as the People Experience Group Offer Leader at Capgemini to drive organizational success through people-centric approaches. With an extensive and diverse background encompassing roles in portfolio and offer development, pre-sales, solutioning, and delivery, coupled with a fervor for transforming how companies cultivate their workforce, Jon is committed to empowering organizations to establish engaging environments for their employees.