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Building an impactful People Experience – a 12-step journey

Jan Krögel
Oct 04, 2023

Creating a transformative people experience that caters to the needs of both the organization and its workforce requires embarking on a journey comprising 12 crucial steps.

In this article, we will outline the People Experience approach, developed by Capgemini, and summarize the 12 necessary steps to make it a reality.

Pillars of an impactful people experience

To ensure success, organizations must build their approach on four foundational pillars:

  • People first – establish a mindset that prioritizes employees at the core, just as customers are valued externally. Develop a value promise tailored to individual employees, recognizing their unique needs and aspirations. Utilize real-time profiling to personalize the employee experience and deliver value in the most effective way
  • Technology – enable employees with the right technology and ensure a satisfying user experience. This includes personal and office systems, platforms, and enterprise-wide enablement through connected devices. The aim is to leverage technology to support employees’ individual workstyles and enhance their productivity
  • Processes and operations – streamline processes to deliver value for both employees and the organization. Simplify operations, establish an HR target operating model focused on service excellence, knowledge management, engagement, and empowerment
  • Mindset and culture – foster a culture that embraces inclusivity, wellbeing, and sustainability. Define the organization’s values and goals, aligning them with management practices and corporate responsibility. Clear communication of actual proof-points of the culture to employees is crucial.

12 steps to an impactful people experience

To build an integrated and impactful people experience, organizations should consider and follow these 12 steps, addressing the four pillars mentioned above:

People first:

  1. Develop a people promise that connects jobs and roles to outcomes and communicates career growth potential

  2. Embrace continuous listening, learning, and feedback mechanisms to understand employee pain points and foster growth

  3. Embed autonomy, self-service, and empowerment to provide employees with a sense of freedom in their work.


  1. Understand employee personas to provide the right technology tools, including productivity and collaboration tools, employee portals, and digital core applications

  2. Implement collaboration spaces and immersive experiences, driving adoption and progression through data insights.

Processes and operations:

  1. Define an HR operating model and services excellence to support the desired ways of working

  2. Design frictionless processes and operations that align with the employee promise

  3. Create physical environments that meet employee experience needs and support their work effectively

  4. Utilize analytics and insights to continuously improve all aspects of the employee journey.

Mindset and culture:

  1. Establish a global/local people strategy for implementing a People Experience across all employee profiles

  2. Align managerial practices with the organization’s ambitions and purpose to foster a consistent, inclusive, and wellbeing-driven experience

  3. Ensure consistency in all moments that matter to deliver an exceptional employee experience.

In the final article of this series, we will summarize a to-do list for those ready to embark on this journey and highlight real-world success stories.

To discover how Capgemini’s People Experience can help your organization create and sustain an environment where your employees thrive and become a true competitive advantage, contact or

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Jan Krogel Vice-President People and HR Transformation Leader designing and delivering impactful people experiences

Jan Krogel

People and HR Transformation Leader designing and delivering impactful people experiences | Vice-President
Jan Krögel is Vice President, Head of Digital HR for Capgemini Group and leads the Digital HR function with the objective of driving and accelerating the digital transformation of HR, focusing on employee experience, employee engagement, and workforce analytics.

Jon Harriman

Group Offer Lead – People Experience
Jon is a renowned expert in employee experience, leveraging his role as the People Experience Group Offer Leader at Capgemini to drive organizational success through people-centric approaches. With an extensive and diverse background encompassing roles in portfolio and offer development, pre-sales, solutioning, and delivery, coupled with a fervor for transforming how companies cultivate their workforce, Jon is committed to empowering organizations to establish engaging environments for their employees.