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2023 life insurance and annuity conference

Connect beyond the claim to unlock new revenues
Become the future-focused insurer

April 24-26, 2023
Salt Lake City, Utah | The Grand American Hotel

We were delighted to participate in Life insurance and annuity conference. Thank you to all our clients, partners, and industry thought leaders for exchanging and exploring the key challenges, opportunities, and strategies that are shaping the Life Insurance industry’s future.

At our booth 413, we showcased how insurers can overcome the limitations of legacy platforms and build advanced digital and data capabilities to deliver better claims experiences, streamline operations, and increase their speed to market.

Experience the future of life claims with ClaimsCare+

ClaimsCare+ is a step towards building a long-term relationship with beneficiaries by being proactive and bridging the trust gap during the policy lifecycle. Take a demo of ClaimsCare+ to learn how it provides beneficiaries a platform to engage with the insurer resulting in a more streamlined, personalized claims experience:

  • Prior to claim – Beneficiaries can engage with the insurer to receive education and additional value-add services. Insurers can expect higher quality beneficiary data and a closer relationship with the beneficiary.
  • At the time of claim – Beneficiaries will have a more transparent, streamlined, and personalized claim experience.  These benefits will translate to improved customer satisfaction, reduced claims handling costs, and increased efficiencies throughout the claims process.
  • Post-claim – Beneficiaries have access to guided payout options that meet them where they are in life and provide the right value that they need.  Insurers can also leverage the platform to introduce value added services from third party providers to integrate with their core insurance solutions (mental health, general wellness, financial advice services).  Insurers benefit from asset retention as they continue to engage beneficiaries beyond the claim to result in growth through both new and existing channels.

Meet our experts

Samantha Chow

Samantha Chow

Global Head, Life Insurance, Annuities, and Benefits Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
Samantha has over 20 years of experience in the L&A and A&H industries working for carriers in positions across the value chain, evaluating technology and consulting as an industry analyst, and leading the technology roadmap for policy administration systems.

Logan Smith

Senior Manager – Insurance | Intelligent Products and Services – Capgemini Invent
Logan is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and has ten years of experience in the insurance industry helping carriers unlock new value for both their organizations and customers through business-led technology transformation, advanced analytics, and new venture design.

Damita McDougall

Executive Vice President, Financial Services
Damita is a 20+ years IT and Consulting professional. Damita drives business growth with leading Insurers through development of integrated services opportunities using an Industry based approach, to bring full business process and IT solutions forward to solve client business problems/transformation.

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