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Are you a student? Rent a trailer for free!

As part of our student cooperation activities, we have launched Cärry service for students already in 2014. Cärry trailers are provided free of charge by Capgemini Finland and Sogeti around Helsinki metropolitan area and Lappeenranta for students. Originally we only had one trailer at offer in Otaniemi, but wanted to scale up. In 2023, we are now introducing 6 new Cärry trailers and expanding the service.

Are you a student? Are you moving soon? Or did you just buy furniture that needs transporting? We’ve got you covered! Students can now borrow our purple trailers for free.

The trailers – brought to you by Capgemini and Sogeti – are available in Helsinki metropolitan area and Lappeenranta. There are seven self-service trailers available 24/7. The trailers can be rented for free by university and polytechnic university students and by LUT staff.

Where can I find a trailer?

The trailers are parked around Helsinki Metropolitan Area and there’s one at Lappeenranta Technical University (LUT). Check the booking page for exact locations.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Borrowing a trailer is completely free of charge.

What do I need to be able to borrow a trailer?

You need a car with a trailer hitch. And of course, a driver’s license.

Who can borrow a trailer?

The trailers are available for all university and polytechnic university students in the Capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) and in Lappeenranta. The University staff of LUT can also borrow a trailer.

What are the measurements of the trailer? What can I fit in?

Total length is approx. 4,6 m, of which the cargo space is approx. 2,93 m

Total height is approx. 2,1 m, of which the cargo space is approx. 1,49 m

Total width is approx. 1,9 m, of which the cargo space is approx. 1,44 m

You can have a maximum load of 350 kg.

What if I wreck the trailer?

The trailer is fully insured with a €200 excess. If you have to pay damages, the excess is payable to Fiksuveto Oy. If you get dents or scratches on the trailer, please report them when you return the vehicle. Unreported damage is subject to double compensation.

Who is offering this service?

The trailers are brought to you by Capgemini Finland and Sogeti.

You can find more detailed information, instructions and available slots in the booking calendar.