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More connected. More intelligent.

The digital economy means new opportunities – and new challenges. Anywhere, anytime access. Always-on, omni-channel interactions. Digitised customer experiences. You’re either achieving competitive advantage – or losing your competitive footing.

Capgemini and Intel have a long history of creating innovative and sustainable solutions that empower market leaders. As an Intel Technology Provider, Titanium Partner and an Intel IoT Solution Alliance Affiliate Member, we collaborate with Intel on solutions and innovations that drive new capabilities, new business models – and new levels of success.

Become a smart, connected business with Capgemini and Intel solutions.

How we can help

Intelligent companies around the world rely on Capgemini and Intel innovations to deliver value today and meet new opportunities tomorrow.

Recently, we have helped a nuclear-plant operator to monitor assets to ensure worker safety. We have accompanied an aerospace manufacturer in using predictive maintenance to optimise machine operations, and enabled a global pharma and biotech manufacturer to take advantage of IoT technologies to connect with customers and monitor equipment use.

We have also enabled a leading energy company to monitor oil refining systems with the help of IoT devices, and a leading pan-Asian retailer to launch a consistent omni-channel experience.

These are just some examples of how we can help.

Discover more about how Capgemini and Intel solutions can enable you to achieve always-on, omni-channel operations.

Change the way shop-floor, supply chain and logistics systems operate – and make new services and business models possible.

Put Capgemini’s Smart Services’ open, scalable, and secure end-to-end IoT platform solutions to work for utility, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, transportation and logistics.

Power the future of retail. Transform customer in-store experiences and streamline retail management with Smart Retail from Capgemini and Intel.

With anytime-anywhere point-of-sale, in-store analytics, personalised voice assistants, digitally enabled store associates, AI-augmented retail management, retail sustainability tracking – and more.

Create a digital-ready, connected workforce that boosts end-user productivity, improves business agility, and reduces IT costs.

Make the workplace more productive and secure. Smart Enterprise enables employees to work any place, any time, and on any device.

Modernise the data center for your specific needs and workloads.

Software-defined, platform-agnostic data centers and hybrid clouds can be customised and integrated quickly and without disruption, using the latest optimised technologies to deliver great performance – and minimize cost.

Our Group Reporting solution for SAPS/4HANA

Find out how Capgemini and Intel, together, can reduce your downtime and increase your savings in financial closing.

Awards and recognition

2022 EPIC Supplier Award

We just received the 2022 EPIC Supplier Award (Distinguished).

Meet our experts

Darren Baker

Expert in Devices and End User Experience, Windows 8

François Calvignac

Expert in Innovation Management

Thierry Batut

Expert in Smart Energy

Kees Jacobs

Expert in Consumer Products & Retail