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Applied Innovation Exchange

Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is a global platform for innovation. It brings together a framework for action, a network of exchanges, and a rich and diverse ecosystem of experts, startups, alliance partners, and Capgemini’s own capabilities, to deliver the pinnacle innovation engagement experience.

We move organisations from a challenge or problem statement to tangible business outcomes, pushing you to be brave, explore new ideas and perspectives, and venture to heights greater than you could have imagined.

Often these are new opportunities enabled by technology. With individually tailored approaches that span the breadth of the applied innovation process, we decode the next wave of technology, define relevant use cases, and implement real-life solutions at scale, empowering enterprises to build innovation competency long term.

Since the founding of the Applied Innovation Exchange in 2016 we have successfully worked with clients in the exchange of ideas, leveraging the application of technology, to drive business impact in in a responsible manner. 

By applying our own culture of open innovation, we collaborate with enterprises to:

This interactive video showcases our Applied Innovation Exchange end-to-end capabilities in driving innovation excellence.

Discover and experiment

Discover, contextualise and experiment with relevant innovations within an enterprise's specific niche as well as with global cross-industry insights and trends.

    Find the right balance

    Effectively move from incremental, low-risk, incremental return innovation activity to a more balanced portfolio of transformational high impact projects across the three innovation horizons.

      Get immersed

      Benefit from our AIE’s immersive and transformative, physical environments, virtual collaboration tools, and hybrid solutions through co-innovation.

        Scale and test innovations

        Rapidly deploy, test, and scale Proof of Values and MVPs in a cost-efficient, risk-mitigated way with our identified design principles.

          Sustain future innovation

          Embed and sustain innovative ways of working through cultural, leadership, and in-house proficiency development.

            The power of a global network

            The Applied Innovation Exchange Global Network provides an immersive and transformative environment to innovate at speed and scale.

            One of the core components of the Applied Innovation Exchange is the cohesive network of global Exchanges designed to provide organisations both physical and virtual environments for the exploration, discovery, testing and application of innovation. These collective strengths bring together diverse skills and knowledge across all industries, technologies and business domains providing access to the right people, resources, and experience, exactly where you need them.

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