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Changing minds, touching hearts, moving markets

We energize your brand and keep you competitive in today’s era of real-time customer centricity. Partnering with passionate leaders, our multi-disciplinary teams reinvent businesses, adapt brands to new norms, elevate experiences, activate audiences, and master customer-focused operations.

Our Customer First services are powered by frog. By applying creativity, strategy, design, and data we imagine and build products, services, and experiences that disrupt the status quo, drive growth and make a difference for businesses, people, and planet.

We strive to change minds, move markets and touch hearts.

The frog approach

Organizations must view their growth through a sustainable lens. This means reinventing business with new go-to-market strategies, offers, services, and products and then scaling them to reach new heights of success.

A creative approach to strategic thinking is crucial for business leaders looking to drive sustainable growth and transformation. We inspire our clients to make bolder choices when it comes to growth strategy, innovation, and e-commerce, creating new business models, and launching ventures.

It all starts with your customers. By gaining a deep understanding of their wants and needs, forward-thinking businesses can identify areas of opportunity and launch the products, services, and experiences needed to maximize impact in the market.

Working with companies of every size and maturity level — from established industry leaders to rebellious startups and founders — we help businesses stop analyzing and start seizing their moment to drive future growth.

Can your brand respond to the world around you? An adaptive brand will activate your company purpose to drive greater impact on the market, on communities, and on the environment at large.

Today’s brands must adapt to truly connect to rapidly changing customer and employee experiences. Whether you’re responding to the impact of climate change or working to create a positive social impact, your brand is one of your most powerful tools to activate your company purpose. We help you achieve this by translating social, climate, and environmental objectives into tangible business outcomes.

Each brand has a unique story to tell. When cultivated correctly, these stories can touch hearts and move markets. We help unlock this potential by crafting thoughtful and scalable brand communications and content strategies, along with purpose-led design to address the goals of communities and sustainability. You’ll see real improvements in corporate reputation and overall engagement with customers and employees alike.

In today’s experience-driven economy, business leaders must find new ways to engage customers via stand-out products, services, and experiences that touch hearts and move markets.

Do you put your customers first? It’s the only way to build products and services that delight and inspire customers. And, it’s how you deliver a seamless, meaningful, and personalized experience. In today’s rapidly changing markets, the quality of a customer’s experience with the businesses and organizations that serve them defines the very value of the enterprise itself.

We use experiential design thinking to envision, define, and build a differentiated CX that resonates not just for today’s needs, but for tomorrow’s innovations too. This sees us bringing together our design and technology expertise with data-led insights to create CX excellence while monitoring and optimizing your CX performance.

To win in today’s fast-paced market, business leaders must develop rich, deep relationships with their customers by delivering best-in-class, consistent experiences across multiple touchpoints through personalized activation.

To take a brand to the next level, companies need to explore new ways to interact with their customers. They must use design, technology, and data to engage customers in seamless, meaningful, and personalized experiences while continuously monitoring and optimizing customer experience (CX) performance.

We activate your marketing to build relationships across every customer touchpoint, beginning with defining a marketing strategy with a focus on personalization. We design and implement innovative marketing and loyalty programs for customer stickiness and customer-centric content and asset management. All to ensure customers are motivated to do more with your brand.

To scale innovation and succeed with differentiating customer-facing activities, your teams must be enabled with the right processes, platforms, and technology.

What does it take to be a customer-first organization? The ability to scale innovation from within. Your teams must master all their activities across sales, commerce, and service for seamless customer-facing operations.

We help organizations tap into their creativity while keeping the customer at the center of innovation. Our design-thinking principles and commitment to leveraging world-class technologies empower you to organize and activate around your customers.

We address the challenges of working together across functions, businesses, and time zones and we enable new launches of products, services, and business that meet customer needs at the speed of rapidly moving markets.


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