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AI in the UK Public Sector

The UK Government is investing £1b jointly with industry in a national AI programme to make the UK a global centre for AI and data-driven innovation. For UK Public Sector agencies in today’s data-powered world, embracing AI is both a responsibility and an exciting opportunity.

Analysing the 4 main fields of AI in Public Sector

The potential breadth and variety for the usage of AI & Analytics in the Public Sector is vast, including:

  1. Detecting anomalies – AI can monitor streams of transactions tirelessly day and night and alert agencies to potential fraud and other anomalies in real-time.
  2. Augmenting interactions – with human-centred AI, technology will revolutionise the public’s experience and the way they interact with public sector agencies
  3. Helping in the decision-making process – based on insights gleaned from complex sets of data, AI can augment the tasks and decisions of civil servants
  4. The intelligent automation of administrative processes – by making intelligent end-to-end automation possible, AI will enhance public institutions’ ability to respond to the heavy burden of documentation and citizen case management, thereby reducing costs and improving services.

Proven capabilities to deliver AI in UK Public Sector

At Capgemini we have capabilities in delivering use cases within all these fields and have proven case studies of where we have done this across the UK Public Sector

Deep understanding of Ethics and Regulatory requirements

Furthermore, our vast experience of working hand-in- hand with Government departments and agencies also means that we have a deep understanding and ability to answer the ethical and regulatory requirements around the use of AI, which is so vital in gaining both Public Servant and Citizen trust in the use of data and AI.

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