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Managing Consultant, Enterprise Transformation


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I entered technology consulting through an uncommon route. Originally a historian and linguist, specialising in the Middle East region, I knew that my career interest resided in the business and technology mix when I enjoyed working for an aeronautics company’s business development team in the Middle East. Later, I pursued a Masters in Management during which I worked in digital marketing at one of the UK’s leading ed-tech startups. After London Business School, I joined a digital transformation consulting team on large-scale utilities transformations, shifting from marketing to delivery. Projects in my previous company and at Invent have included management consulting/ scoping engagements as well as IT implementation roles in which I have managed tester and developer streams alike to deliver to plan.

– Why you joined the team:

I wanted to join a team that could deepen my understanding of Digital IT acceleration by helping me keep ahead of the curve on this knowledge base. Come to think of it ‘base’ isn’t really the right term to refer to knowledge on Digital Acceleration since this is an area that’s always moving; it’s a shifting base, so-to-speak. The beauty of digital acceleration is that it covers a host of subjects all depending on the client so it’s very much an applied lens through which to learn about a multitude of technologies.

– The most interesting part of your work/project:

My current project focuses on a Discovery piece for a future transformation across many teams. The most interesting part of enabling data to be fully leveraged is breaking down organisational silos. There is a people piece around that which cannot be understated in its importance.

– Your view on the future of technology and business transformation:

We now know that technology and business are not separable really. This is a-given and winning hearts and minds every day. However, it’s important that we:

  • Ensure that certain industries aren’t left behind in the application of the above principle where there is benefit to be gained.
  • Ensure all team members on client site, irrespective of roles, know what good looks like in terms of data and analytics and other technologies being leveraged strategically and operationally

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