Each mobile generation delivers more—data, devices, efficiency, opportunity. But tapping into the full potential of Telco networks requires a shift in thinking, focusing not simply on what networks can do today, but what we can build with them tomorrow.

At Capgemini, we see networks as both the backbone of operations and the digital foundation from which innovation flourishes. 
It is at this intersection where we meet clients, helping them conquer complexity and inefficiency to unlock the next generation of digital solutions that can accelerate transformation.
We welcome you to the Innovation Generation (iG), where smarter networks spark brighter innovation.

    MWC 2024

    iG: Welcome to the innovation generation

    The path to net zero for telcos

    The telecoms industry has a significant environmental impact today – and it’s predicted to rise in the years to come. We can help.

      Meet our experts

      Jacques Assaraf

      Global Head of Telecommunications
      With three decades of experience in the Telecommunications industry, Jacques has been at the forefront of navigating the dynamic waves and challenges that have shaped the industry—from the advent of GSM and the Internet to the evolution of xDSL, 3G, convergence, Fiber, 4G, and 5G. Over the course of his career, he has played an active role in numerous large-scale digital transformation programs, supporting key Telco operators around the world as they evolve and adapt to meet the challenges of the moment and prepare for the future.

      Arun Santhanam

      Head of Capgemini Telco (CSPs,MSOs and NEPs) North America
      Strategically steering the helm as the Head of Telco and Media Business for North America, I am dedicated to helping our customers drive innovation, fostering partnerships, and leading transformative initiatives in the ever-evolving telecommunications and media landscape.

      Karl Bjurström

      Global Head of Invent Telecom, Media & Entertainment
      Karl Bjurström is a strategy consultant and manager who specializes in strategy formulation, data, and scaling in the technology, media, and telecom industries. He is passionate about helping clients use digital technologies to gain strategic and operational advantages within product development, customer experience, and marketing.

      Shiv Tasker

      Global Industry Vice President, Semiconductor and Electronics at Capgemini
      Shiv leads the Semiconductor and Electronics industry at Capgemini Engineering. He spent the last few decades working on tools and services for designing high-performance semiconductors and systems focusing on data centre, industrial and automotive markets. ​He is passionate about safe, secure, and sustainable computing for mixed-criticality applications that require portable and scalable software architectures.​ He evangelizes that innovation in hardware offers the best hope to solve the big problems we face in climate, food, energy, and resources.

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