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Senior Consultant, Americas SBU India


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My usual work day   I usually wake up at 8 am and complete 10 minutes of Pranayaam. After a bath I go for my usual diet breakfast. I spend one hour doing household activities or Vippassana meditation and then I resume office work from home around 11 or 12 am.

My usual work day

I usually wake up at 8 am and complete 10 minutes of Pranayaam. After a bath I go for my usual diet breakfast. I spend one hour doing household activities or Vippassana meditation and then I resume office work from home around 11 or 12 am. I work on my assignments with regular co-ordination with my team until 6 pm. Two hours from login I take lunch break. I travel to office once in month if required due to health limitations. After logging off, I go for quick snacks and take some rest. After that if health permits, I go for small walk.

My life at Capgemini

My life at Capgemini was full of fun-outing with office friends, parties, and participating in various events. I started my IT career with Capgemini as fresher and worked with great teams who helped me to explore my knowledge.
I am overwhelmed with the help and financial support I got from company during the tougher days of my life. My family and I are thankful to entire management from the bottom of our hearts for their constant support and making mine and my sister’s journey with Capgemini so special. It’s our honor to be part of Capgemini.

Places I have been

I haven’t travelled much, but I love visiting various costal places around Mumbai. I regularly visit the lush green hill stations and historical forts of Raigad, Pune, Ratnagiri, and the various spiritual and divine places in Maharashtra. In the future, I would love to travel across the world if my health permits.

Projects I’m proud of

There was one of my client’s project which helped me to grow professionally, personally and across various other aspects.

SAP IMSC PMO Team: I feel blessed and honor to be part of my PMO team.

My honors and achievements

I am a social worker and a professional who works with people with disabilities. I began my career at Capgemini as a fresher. Since then, I have worked with differently abled persons via numerous organizations and I have been acknowledged for my efforts by several organizations, as well as received accolades for my accomplishments. Capgemini nominated me for a National Award under persons with disabilities in 2020 for my social work and professional advancement.

That same year, I was featured in the Capgemini’s employee handbook named CapStars as a social worker, helpful resource, and NF2 survivor. I have earned several honors, including the CapStars inside the business for work excellence, D&I efforts, and outside the organization for social work. Capgemini encouraged me to be a part of several forums, including the D&I Mumbai Newshook event. I was invited to participate in talk shows regarding my experiences both inside and outside of the organization.

My personal life

Life was going just perfect-fun, friends, and work until a day appeared in my life when I was diagnosed with NF2 – a rare acoustic bilateral brain and multiple spinal tumour condition which needs lifelong monitoring, multiple surgeries and dealing with disability. Initially, I was nervous as I had seen my father and sister fighting the same disease. I had seen the difficulties they faced in their everyday life, so it was not easy for me to digest.
It took me a few days to clear my head and focus on what I have, rather than what I don’t have. I am blessed with a great family, friends, a great job in a wonderful company, and so many good hearted people around me. Knowing this helped me to fight my problems and look ahead at life in a positive manner accepting the facts of life, may it be disability, surgeries or other complications. I had brain surgery in May of 2014, a few months after which I lost my left side hearing. I remember ten days ahead of my own surgery, my sister too was hospitalized for her third brain surgery. It was the most difficult of times for me and my family, but we overcame this difficult patch in our lives. My sister, Minal, and I both believe that although we may have inherited this disease from our father, we have also inherited the strength to fight it from him as well.

I am food lover. I like cooking and serving it to my family, especially on the weekends. I spend a good amount of time with my family and outing with friends on holidays. I always focus on physical and mental fitness through mediation, walking and following my diet plan.

Career paths

Take the first steps in a bold new direction. A career at Capgemini offers you the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones. Develop your career in the direction you want to take it.

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