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Excellent Heathrow win lands perfectly


I spoke to Account Executive Matthew Whitson and Service Delivery Director James Watts to find out more about the relationship that began in 2009.

Matthew explains, “Heathrow is going through a significant period of change. They were once a part of BAA, however, since its break up following the Competition Commission Review, Heathrow has had to establish its own identity as the nation’s busiest airport. The next step on the journey is the expansion of Heathrow; a significant business transformation that will eventually enable twice the number of passengers to use the airport.  As part of this broader transformation journey, Heathrow IT is also transforming the IT delivery model that underpins the airport.”

According to Matthew, an important differentiator was that “we put forward a highly-automated solution. A key part of our initial plan is to complete the implementation of the tools that will underpin the automation solution. This, coupled with our intimate knowledge of the airport we’ve built since our first engagement in 2009, made for a compelling proposition.”

Under the terms of the deal we will continue to provide the underlying applications and infrastructure maintenance that supports Heathrow. “Our support covers the systems underpinning security, baggage processing, CCTV, indeed everything to do with how the passengers and planes move around the airport,” says Matthew.

James provides more details: “In 2017 we made significant progress with our automation capability deployed to Heathrow. The continued implementation and exploitation of our solution is key to drive the services forwards in 2018 and integrate successfully with the other suppliers in the ecosystem. It should be an exciting year for both Capgemini and Heathrow.”