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How are leading Telecoms providers bringing over-the-top customer experience and service to the next generation of consumers?

Amar Misra
Aug 25, 2023

In today’s rapidly changing markets, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are facing unprecedented challenges. Some of the most pressing challenges include evolving customer preferences and increased demand for service personalization, operational efficiency issues, complex and multivariate charging and cost models, stiff competition from peers, and hyperscalers that are heavily influenced by digital disruptions.

Customized services that add value with every customer interaction

Additionally, shifting demands for seamless Voice to Data, Streaming, and Direct-To-Home (DTH) Television services, along with Smart Connected Home Appliances Monitoring (e.g., Thermostats, Surveillance Cameras, Security Systems, etc.) are forcing CSPs to adapt and adopt new intelligent operational support systems – so they can proactively cater to their customers’ everchanging needs.

To satisfy and exceed these needs – while also effectively conquering all the challenges mentioned above – CSPs must be able to modify their business models and harness the power of digital accelerators and IT-OT synergy. This will enable them to better align themselves with evolving business and market dynamics as true Digital Service Providers (DSPs) that can simultaneously offer customized services that add value with every customer interaction.

Making the leap from CSP to DSP – and landing on over-the-top customer experience and service

Effective IT-OT integration is critical for CSPs to make a complete transformation into marketing-leading DSPs. DSPs can offer a full spectrum of services, which could include Cloud & Data, media, and enhanced customer experience services, along with Over the Top (OTT) offerings.

IT-OT integration also enables CSPs transitioning into DSPs to enhance their network services through a range technological innovations like Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Service Based Architectures (SBAs), and Software Defined Networks (SDNs). These innovations can ensure business-critical service features such as:

· Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring with contextual Business and IT KPIs to address network capacity, latency, and reliability challenges

· AI/ML-driven predictive assurance for enhanced customer experience and improved network operations through network slicing

· Closed-loop automation to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and truck rolls.

In unlocking the potential of IT-OT integration while transforming from a CSP to DSP, CSPs will gain multiple benefits in the form of enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved predictive maintenance through autodetection and autocorrection of system anomalies. This means that OSS and BSS systems will be able to self-heal and auto-repair. While the ability to address complex business scenarios can bring enhanced customer experience management, reduced systems/network downtime, decreased customer churn, and increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Becoming a true DSP with Capgemini’s Business Insightful Services (BIS)

Capgemini’s BIS, a transformational lever of our ADMnext strategic offering, can completely align your IT with your Business – and help you make the full transition to an agile DSP. With Capgemini’s BIS, we enable you to deliver enhanced customer experience and boost your CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) with personalized and compelling customer service, and improved service order provisioning and fulfillment.

Essentially, BIS brings a full-service DSP model through seamless IT-OT integration, which delivers comprehensive visibility across all customer touchpoints, automated problem resolution, and improved service quality management.

While BIS’ automation enablers are grounded in Capgemini’s Telecoms sector expertise and have been specifically developed to help DSP-aspiring companies identify any degradation of network-critical quality parameters in real time an in accordance with specific threshold limits. These automation enablers can help you achieve:

· Early detection and prevention of network performance and service quality errors (traffic, bandwidth, packet loss, jitters and latency)

· Seamless network change adoption that leverages AI/ML-driven predictive assurance

· Reduced maintenance efforts for improved operational rigor

And – most importantly – BIS enhances your ability to achieve your ultimate objectives around fully-autonomous digital service delivery with optimal service quality, which is complemented by speed, agility, scale, and efficiency.

To learn more about Capgemini’s Business Insightful Services and what we can do for your business, click on our expert profiles below and drop us a line.

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