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The future of learning is immersive

Alexandre Embry
Oct 18, 2023

Here’s the last PoV from Capgemini that I co-authored with my colleague Isabelle Lamothe addressing how immersive and metaverse experiences can revolutionize the future of learning and training.

Against a backdrop of transformation in our relationship with work, companies today must continually adapt to gain or maintain their competitive edge. Today, 77% employers find it difficult to recruit the right people while 60% of workers will require training before 2027.

If we talk about employee experience, we cannot ignore the major pillar that is what we call “future of learning”. And a lot of work is required to transform the companies in the right direction.

This objective can be accelerated by using technologies to empower our ways to train and learn. And we are deeply convinced that immersive experiences, like metaverse, are a main lever to reach the next level of learning.

Today, many organizations continue to innovate through the metaverse and immersive experiences and curiosity about the metaverse remains high, especially when it comes to training, as shown by a study carried out by Capgemini Research Institute. 61% of respondents believe that immersive experiences can have an impact on the training sector. We still have some time to go before the metaverse reaches full maturity, but it opens a wide field of actionable possibilities right now.

At Capgemini, we aim at becoming a strong partner for our clients by accompanying them through their will to put their training ecosystem to the next step.

Let’s open discussion if you’re interested in this.

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Meet the author

Alexandre Embry

VP – CTIO – Head of Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab
Alexandre Embry is CTIO, member of the Capgemini Technology, Innovation and Ventures Council. He is leading the Immersive Technologies domain, looking at trends analysis and developing the deployment strategy at Group level. He specializes in exploring and advising organizations on emerging tech trends and their transformative powers. He is passionate about enhancing the user experience and he is identifying how Metaverse, Web3, NFT and Blockchain technologies, AR/VR/MR can advance brands and companies with enhanced customer or employee experiences. He is the founder and head of the Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab, and of the Capgemini Andy3D immersive remote collaboration solution.