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Triple win: We take home three Google Cloud Partner of the Year Awards 

Herschel Parikh
9 Apr 2024

Nearly a decade of collaboration with Google Cloud has unlocked incredible potential. By combining forces, we’ve repeatedly shown the promise of a joint approach in unleashing possibilities and powering business transformation, as we help companies modernize their data and operations in sectors ranging from financial services, to retail, to the public sector. 

I’m so proud of our partnership and its evolution. Last year, we were awarded several Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards – and since then the pace of technological innovation has accelerated dramatically, presenting exciting new opportunities to power business transformation. By working with the Google Cloud team, we’ve developed and leveraged unique new solutions to meet customer and industry needs. 

As a result, I’m excited to share Capgemini has won Partner of the Year awards in three categories: 

  • Global Industry Solution Partner of the Year award (Services) for Generative AI 
  • Global Industry Partner of the Year award (Services) for Financial Services & Insurance 
  • Global Specialization Partner of the Year award for SAP on Google Cloud 

A commitment to accelerating Generative AI 

Generative AI innovation is moving fast, and so are we. From the moment Google previewed its plans around generative AI, we jumped in to promote this new technology and its many applications. 

When I think about how generative AI has touched nearly every industry in the past year, it’s truly awe-inspiring – especially considering that only 18 months ago, most companies weren’t using it at all. Generative AI has since become part of nearly every conversation we have and, to leverage its full potential, we’re investing heavily in our ability to expand on our expertise and offerings. 

Last year, for example, we created the first-of-its-kind global generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), including 18 dedicated subject matter experts from practices ranging from strategy to data science to software engineering – covering all angles of generative AI applications. And that was just the beginning of what is sure to be a long and fruitful collaboration with Google Cloud as generative AI picks up speed and begins to deliver immense value. 

Our ability to learn quickly and leverage solutions comes in part from our broad global reach. We’ve hosted global hackathons with thousands of participants who are developing demos and accelerators in the span of weeks, rather than months or years. We’ve also participated in Google’s trusted tester program, which gave us the opportunity to access generative AI technologies before they are generally available and to design solutions ahead of their market release. 

These early efforts mean we’ve already generated hundreds of use cases and mobilized tens of thousands of consultants on Google Cloud generative AI solutions, and we’re starting to see customers move from early experimentation to solid use cases. The coming year will undoubtedly bring more change and more opportunity, and we’re excited about the possibilities.

Expanding our successes in financial services 

We’ve long been recognized for our expertise in the financial services and insurance sectors, and last year we saw exponential expansion in this domain thanks to new business accounts built on our Google Cloud partnership. 

Modernization can be challenging in the financial services sector, where regulatory bodies closely oversee compliance requirements for data handling. But our Google Cloud CoE has enabled us to develop a deep understanding around the laws and regulations, business functions, and compliance requirements of our customers.  

Part of the reason we’ve been so successful at growing with Google Cloud is because we’ve created an environment where our clients can use Google services safely and in compliance with industry regulations. That’s how we’ve helped countless organizations modernize their legacy platforms and successfully move to the cloud with Google Cloud data services.

We’ve also invested significantly in our generative AI capabilities to deliver new value to our financial service sector clients. Our focus has been on helping customers define a roadmap to scale their implementations of generative AI while ensuring they see immediate value. This of course requires specific considerations around data privacy and communications protocols, with special attention to regulatory requirements.  

It’s been so rewarding to work collaboratively with the Google Cloud team on this, to grow the value we bring to clients, and to ensure that we’re providing security and a safe landing zone as financial services and insurance clients begin using cloud services.

Deepening our expertise in SAP

Our domain expertise in SAP also runs deep, and last year we expanded it even further by obtaining a specialization designation in SAP Cloud (along with designations in cloud migration and infrastructure).  

As one of SAP’s largest partners, we knew that boosting our expertise in SAP migrations to Google Cloud would reinforce our mastery of Google’s Cortex Framework. And that was important to our clients. Since then, I’m pleased to say we’ve seen an increase in opportunities to help our clients move their SAP implementations to Google Cloud.  

We’ve always been a trusted guide for our clients in leveraging their SAP implementations, but now, with SAP’s shift to S4, Google Cloud Platform will play an increasingly important role in helping enablement and, with our expanding breadth of knowledge, we can bring it all together. 

The journey to true value 

As we continue driving transformation with Google Cloud services, we remain committed to delivering genuine business value for our clients with the best industry solutions. In leveraging the strength of partners like Google, we can turn the often chaotic process of modernization into structured and value-driven outcomes that truly pay off over the long term. 

Ready to exceed expectations? Put the power of Google Cloud at your service with Capgemini. Let’s connect and chat about your plans to transform. 


Herschel Parikh

Global Google Cloud Partner Executive
Herschel is Capgemini’s Global Google Cloud Partner Executive. He has over 12 years’ experience in partner management, sales strategy & operations, and business transformation consulting.