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Client story

Optimizing global business performance with ADMnext and Oracle Cloud

Client: A global engineering and consulting company
Region: Engineering and environmental services
Industry: High-tech

A global engineering and consulting company works with Capgemini to transform its application landscape and achieve increased efficiency and cost savings

Client challenge: The company wanted to modernize its IT infrastructure and transition to the Cloud to eliminate gaps and inefficiencies

Solution:  Through its coordination with Capgemini, the organization gained a centralized, global application platform and underwent an Oracle Cloud transformation to substantially improve business performance


  • 80% of IT workload moved to the Cloud
  • 30% upfront run-rate reduction
  • Tax and regulatory compliance achieved across all regions
  • Cost savings on licenses across various disparate systems
  • $6 million saved with reduced IT spending
  • Superior user experience within applications

A prominent global engineering and consulting company’s main goals were to transform its application landscape, achieve run rate reductions, enhance user experience, and unlock operational efficiencies.

The company wanted to rebalance its IT portfolio and restructure its framework for smoother finance and accounting (F&A) operations across its global operational footprint. This meant upgrading its BST Global software for worldwide F&A operations and transitioning to managed services across multiple regions – including an expansion to Latin America (LATAM) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) as new destinations.

The company also decided to mend a fragmented application landscape that was hampering its ERP system. Each region was using its own custom set of HR applications, creating disparity in procedures involving training, hiring talent, and attrition management. This severely impaired performance and required extra effort to maintain consistency and ideal operations – making a restructuring essential.

A consolidated global platform and transition to the Cloud with Capgemini’s ADMnext

To address all these challenges, the company reached out to Capgemini, which combined everything that ADMnext has to offer to deliver a global platform that brought together projects and applications under one centralized system. Decluttering the IT landscape eliminated gaps and created efficiencies, providing the company with a more agile and frictionless infrastructure. This reduced IT spending from $24 million to $18 million annually, which could be invested into innovation and the enterprise’s future digital and Cloud transformation journey.

Together with the client, the Capgemini team selected Oracle Cloud as the platform to drive the transition to Cloud Finance. ADMnext automation tools and Oracle Cloud accelerators streamlined and enhanced operations that previously existed on legacy systems. Other modules supported by this platform included customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), and customer experience (CX). The transformation was aligned to legal compliance obligations: CloudNow for NetSuite, for instance, was a methodology used to meet complex tax and regulatory compliance standards in the ERP system implementation in LATAM countries.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, the Capgemini team had the experience and key insights needed to deliver a transformation the company could trust. Project team experts optimized the new BST application system with an efficient and risk-free rollout and leveraged their Oracle Cloud technology proficiency to drive a range of performance benefits.

Another important outcome was the one-team approach cultivated by the company and Capgemini – now a cornerstone of the partnership. Monthly business reviews have been collaborative, fruitful, and focused on the actionable steps needed to achieve strategic goals.

Enhanced performance with a modernized application landscape

The new global application landscape implemented improved business performance and achieved the needed consistency and productivity. Capgemini helped the company secure millions in cost savings, drive innovation, and achieve a substantial return on investment. Overall, the project team’s strategic efforts delivered the following benefits:

  • BST rollout to LATAM and APAC regions brought users together on a single finance platform
  • SaaS solution for HCM and CX enabled 6,500 users to leverage uniform and standard HR processes
  • Bots implemented within the BST system for process improvement and automated regression testing
  • 80% of IT workload moved to the Cloud, with a run-rate reduction of 30% upfront
  • Tax and regulatory compliance achieved across regions
  • Cost savings on licenses across various disparate systems
  • $6 million saved with reduced IT spending
  • Superior user experience within applications.

Working together for a better future

Business transformation strategies are often sound, but implementation can be fraught with challenges. Modernization and Cloud adoption are great opportunities for many players, but as was the case for this global engineering and consulting company, tailored solutions are needed to address unique pain points and succeed. Leveraging the Capgemini team’s approach for collaborative relationships, Cloud implementation, and application managed services, the partners will continue to drive future growth for this continuously growing company.