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Capgemini and Microsoft collaborate to transform industries with accelerated generative AI implementations

The innovative, co-created Azure Intelligent App Factory is designed to maximize AI investments by getting them into production faster, with ethical AI at their core

19 Jul 2023

Paris, July 19, 2023 – Building on their longstanding relationship, Capgemini today announced an Azure Intelligent App Factory, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, that aims to empower organizations to scale responsible and sustainable generative AI capabilities for their business at speed. This innovative new co-created solution will see Capgemini and Microsoft combine their deep-industry knowledge, cutting-edge resources and market-leading technology, including the Microsoft Cloud, Azure OpenAI Service and Github Copilot, to transform business intelligence and drive tangible business outcomes across industries, using generative AI.

The Azure Intelligent App Factory, built on industry-specific digital cloud-based platforms and powered by the Microsoft Cloud, is designed to help organizations maximize their AI investments, realize advanced business value in existing applications, and foster new innovations. Comprising three key pillars – Digital Industry Platforms, Industry Assistants, and Intelligent App Delivery Teams – it aims to accelerate getting AI investments into production by controlling the security and industry compliance requirements*, especially around the handling of and access to data.

“Recent technological developments in generative AI present significant possibilities for organizations to innovate, yet still far too many AI projects never reach production. Capgemini is focused on delivering reliable, ethical, and compliant solutions into the hands of the business, so our clients can leverage the full potential of their generative AI investments to achieve sustainable business value,” said Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini. “Both Microsoft and Capgemini are guided by strong ethical principles, which are the cornerstone of the new Azure Intelligent App Factory. By combining the Group’s global expertise in engineering and R&D services, data, and AI, with Microsoft’s market leading technology, we are committed to enabling clients to successfully implement AI solutions.”

“We’re thrilled that Capgemini’s new Azure Intelligent App Factory, built on the Microsoft Cloud, will enable customers, across industries, to quickly implement AI solutions, that allow employees to be more efficient and productive,” said Judson Althoff, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft. “Our collaboration with Capgemini will help customers experience generative AI applications in a safe and secure manner, so they can realize business transformation and growth.”

Leveraging combined expertise to drive industry-specific business outcomes

The Azure Intelligent App Factory focuses on enterprise-wide adoption of generative AI, powered by Azure OpenAI Service, and encompasses use cases across industries, such as consumer products, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

A rich suite of enterprise-ready use cases are available to demonstrate the business value of generative AI. By finetuning language models with company domain and industry-specific data they can deliver reliable outputs at scale and increase business performance, enabling organizations to create tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Content and design creation and analyzing network traffic patterns for improved cybersecurity are some of the identified use cases, as well as developing human-like, conversational AI interactions, and real-time, rapid response marketing campaigns. The three elements of the Azure Intelligent App Factory include:

  • Digital Industry Platforms: comprises a safe and secure platform for all intelligent business functionalities; built on Microsoft Azure coupled with Capgemini’s industry assets and deep understanding of the compliance requirements for specific industry and business policies*.
  • Industry Assistants: include assets and practices that enable businesses to efficiently ideate, develop, and deploy Azure Open AI Service responsibly into existing or new business functionalities.
  • Intelligent App Delivery Teams: provide intelligent business applications backed by a specialized global team of over 80,000 trained professionals, including engineers, developers, and data and AI specialists that have in-depth knowledge of Capgemini and Microsoft’s responsible AI principles, and accelerated productivity through utilization of Github Copilot.

Capgemini and Microsoft: a well-established partnership already delivering business value

Capgemini and Microsoft are already working with a number of clients in this space, including leading organizations in the Consumer Products, Life Sciences and Energy industries, helping them to maximize their AI investments.

* For clarification purposes: any reference to compliance requirements set forth in this document specifically excludes compliance with laws. Capgemini shall not be responsible for client’s decisions, actions and compliance with applicable laws, including the rules and regulations in connection therewith.