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Automotive Cybersecurity

Security in the automotive industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected vehicle, as well as in manufacturing plants and across enterprise IT systems.

These challenges appear at each stage of the plan-build-run lifecycle. Every base needs to be covered in order to prevent, detect, and respond to possible security threats.

End-to-end approach with comprehensive services

Our services to support end-to-end security are built around the Defense-in-Depth paradigm. During plan and build our offers include strategy, assessment and implementation, and they address the three areas connected vehicle, manufacturing and enterprise IT. We aim to build in proactive measures from the start, so that security is an integral part of the deliverable.

However thorough the plan and build phase is, inevitably some security issues will not be caught. Therefore, we aim to help you react effectively, with predefined responses to any given type of attack. The Security Operations Center (SOC) is key to our offers for the run phase. It acts as a mission control and looks for anomalous behavior in any aspect of the operation.

Why work with Capgemini on automotive cybersecurity?

  • Our cybersecurity team combines security expertise with deep experience of the automotive industry and of manufacturing.
  • We have a strong background in securing IT systems. We have worked in this area for many years with some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations from sectors like financial services, government, nuclear energy, and aviation.
  • We operate fifteen SOCs worldwide and have the data science expertise to help clients ensure that they can identify incidents and respond rapidly and appropriately.

Cybersecurity has come to prominence for several reasons

  • Vehicles on the road are vulnerable to hacking, both in the car itself and via the back-end IT systems to which they connect. Hacks into cars have attracted a lot of media attention. OEMs are aware of the need to secure vehicles, and to reassure customers who fear cars will be easily hacked.
  • It’s not only the security of the vehicle itself that is attracting attention. The security of manufacturing plants is also a growing concern, the two main threats being vehicle integrity and production line availability.