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Capgemini and Kuehne+Nagel – end-to-end supply chain orchestration

A one-stop solution to drive next-generation supply chain performance through transforming your operations

Traditionally, supply chain operations are characterized by a lack of end-to-end accountability, siloed planning and execution, and a mindset far removed from effective problem solving.

This often leads to high costs, a lack of supply chain resilience, and increased CO2 emissions due to short-term use of cost-intensive, dirty transport modes, misplaced stock capacity, or simply the lack of visibility and integration.

Together, Capgemini and Kuehne+Nagel can drive new and improved performance levels across your end-to-end supply chain through seamlessly integrating your planning and logistics management to reduce accountability, data, and intelligence mismatches.

End-to-end, future-ready supply chain orchestration

Combining Kuehne+Nagel’s industry leading logistics management and execution expertise with Capgemini’s state-of-the-art Intelligent Supply Chain Operations (ISCO) capabilities that delivers AI-enabled, cognitive, touchless operations and data-driven decision-making.

Leveraging the combined capabilities of Kuehne+Nagel and Capgemini, organizations can benefit from seamless information flow and data exchange, transforming their supply chains to deliver:

  • Increased resilience and reduced risk
  • Shortened order cycle times
  • Improved logistics
  • Enhanced inventory optimization
  • Reduced logistics cost.

This fosters our commitment to improving global sustainability with fewer CO2-heavy modes of transportation for the benefit of our societies and planet.

As the world’s leading supply chain orchestrator, Capgemini and Kuhne+Nagel delivers the best of our combined brainpower and global supply chain execution in one integrated service portfolio – revolutionizing your supply chain efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

Meet our experts

Dharmendra Patwardhan

Global Head of the Intelligent Supply Chain Operations Practice, Business Services
Dharmendra Patwardhan is responsible for developing offers and capabilities for transforming supply chain operations that drive tangible business outcomes for Capgemini’s clients.

Jörg Junghanns

Vice President, Head of Europe, Intelligent Supply Chain Operations
Jörg is Capgemini’s VP Europe for Intelligent Supply Chain Operations, driving transformative solutions across industries. He employs innovation and strategic thinking to empower supply chain growth, utilizing Capgemini’s Digital Services for planning, order management, procurement, and automation. With a global background, he excels in digital strategy, shared services, process design, and project management.