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Data-powered financial services

Few organizations take full advantage of their data. At Capgemini, our goal is to help our clients become data masters.

Data is at the core of every financial services organization. Whether you’re a global bank or a regional insurance carrier, data is the key to unlocking new markets, exceeding customer expectations, and ensuring your business is profitable in an increasingly challenging environment. However, few organizations use data to its fullest potential.

Our unique solutions help clients harness the power of data through artificial intelligence, machine learning, process automation, data estate modernization, data management, and data visualization, building an end-to-end, data-driven organization that yields unparalleled results.

Featured solutions

    Fraud detection powered by hyperautomation

    Uncovering the invisible threat in financial services.

    Hyper-personalization for financial services

    Revolutionize customer interactions to increase satisfaction, reduce attrition, and grow revenue.

    Intelligent property solutions

    Reduce property risks with climate change and sustainability metrics while cutting costs.

    HR data analytics

    Data estate modernization for financial services with Google Cloud

    Capgemini and Google Cloud have developed a joint initiative that combines the power of Google technology with Capgemini methodology.

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      Meet our experts

      Ramana Bhandaru

      Executive Vice President, Financial Services Insights & Data

      Arindam Choudhury

      Vice President, Banking & Capital Markets Head, Financial Services Insights & Data

      Ajish Gopan

      Vice President, Insurance Head, Financial Services Insights & Data

      Ashvin Parmar

      Vice President, Portfolio Head, Financial Services Insights & Data