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Sustainable procurement

Buying for the future : A strategy for sustainable development

A strong environmental, social, and ethical foundation for your procurement function.

Today’s businesses must serve corporate and societal stakeholders alike on environmental, social and climate issues. Demonstrating focused and measurable commitment to sustainability is no longer optional but, of course, businesses must also demonstrate value aligned to more conventional performance indicators including cost control, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Working together, Capgemini and SAP have created a comprehensive Sustainable Procurement service to address the most challenging supply chain landscapes. This offer powers the inevitable transformation towards your sustainable business and is underpinned by science-based targets. Our Sustainable Procurement approach drives business value across the entire value chain, not just within your business but into the supplier ecosystem. To do this, we have created a four-pillar offer to directly address and resolve the CPO’s challenges:

  1. Carbon footprint performance plan
  2. Sustainable operating model
  3. Supplier’s CSR compliance
  4. Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) transition

Download our Sustainable Procurement brochure to find out more.