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Break the silos. Break the internet!


Evolving customer interaction

The way companies interact online with customers has evolved since the dawn of the internet; starting with a simple website containing basic information to a mature digital strategy across multiple channels including social, call centers, web-care, advertising and –mind you- the website itself! The website, which is optimized for the average audience, is usually where it all comes together: information, purchase, and contact-info. All other channels circle around this central-go-to place. As a result of this logical development, customers have to know the company and its channels in order to fully comprehend how to interact with this particular company. It is with this in mind that companies have started to ‘put the customer experience at the heart of the organization!’

With more and more companies realizing this, it has becomes increasingly hard to gain competitive edge. Mere online marketing isn’t enough anymore, what with customers increasingly demanding relevant and personalized experiences!

The Real-Time Dialogue

Capgemini with its vast pool of expertise and technologies has come up with a special proposition that can help companies achieve the end-state of a killer online-experience. Almost as if you in person are having a real-time conversation with the customer, or rather as if this customer is standing in your shop talking about a product he or she might want to purchase! This is a conversation which gives you a clear perspective of what your customer is looking for – price comparison, advice, or purchase intent? A strategy that gives you the power of knowing which of your customers is interested in what kind of products. Quite similar to the neighborhood-shops of yore, where the shopkeepers knew the preferences of all their customers! How do you do that on a large scale in the ‘black box’ of the internet?

Figure 1: The Real-Time Dialogue fundamentals

The basis of the Real-Time Dialogue is a framework (figure 1) in which we define what is required to communicate with clients in real-time across your different channels. Our framework not only gives you a quick overview of all the different topics and technologies you need in place to achieve the Real-Time Dialogue, but also goes in-depth to find the bottle-necks in your organization that may be hindering the same.

Breaking silos!

Our team is very proud of this proposition, and to be honest, it wasn’t an easy accomplishment. We had to convince a lot of stakeholders of its value and had to be persistent in our efforts. More importantly, we had to break our own silos so as to use expertise and technologies across the breadth of our organization to come up with the RTD Framework. We faced a lot of difficulties during this adventure, and I promise you, it hasn’t ended yet. But, we feel we can proudly assure you of the fact that as Capgemini we can help companies realize their online relevance and resume that personal touch with the customer.

We break down our own silos in order to break yours, and thus give you an opportunity to maybe break the internet! Are you interested to get in touch with us, and talk about what we could do for your organization? Send us an email or leave a message.

The Real-Time Dialogue team

Real-time dialogue

About the blog:

In this blog series we will share our insights and experiences with different topics that are required to achieve a Real-Time Dialogue, including Customer Journeys, Data Management Platforms (DMP) and the required organizational capabilities. Follow us to keep track!

Authors: Thomas Boersma & Hidde van Heijst