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Master your data, and empower your organization.

With the world becoming increasingly intelligent and entire value chains being transformed, data is an essential source of understanding and insight. But it’s not enough to have the data, it needs to be reliable, and you need to know how to use it.

Our full-service portfolio, enables you to take advantage of the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI).  By becoming data-powered, your enterprise can adapt to the changing world and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Activate data. Augment intelligence. Amplify outcomes.

Dinara Kasko works with Capgemini to elevate her possible

Next-level ideas are on the menu with Customer Generative AI for Enterprise. We are partnering with Dinara Kasko, an amazing creative talent. Dinara is an architect-designer combining her skills with 3D printing and AI to create unique and mind-blowing patisserie.

    Generative AI

    We can help you cut through the hype and unlock substantial business value by leveraging the potential of Generative AI.

    RAISE – Reliable AI solution engineering

    GenAI value cases accelerator for cost, scale, and trust

    Data for net zero

    Net zero intelligence supercharges your sustainability performance.

    Collaborative data ecosystems

    Succeed beyond your frontiers – the new tectonic shift in data is sharing.

    Do good with data and AI

    Building positive futures for humans and society.

    Fraud detection powered by hyperautomation

    Uncovering the invisible threat in financial services.

    Hyper-personalization for financial services

    Revolutionize customer interactions to increase satisfaction, reduce attrition, and grow revenue.

      When you join our Data and AI community, you are also part of a proud global collective of expert enthusiasts and lifetime learners of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

      Embracing the power of data to drive innovation is the way forward. In today’s data-powered world, businesses are harnessing the potential of data to unlock ground-breaking innovations and transform industries. Explore the emerging impact of data and AI on strategy, the perks and perils of generative AI, and the quest to activate data for sustainability and a better society.

      Client stories

        Why CX teams need to take a leadership role in GenAI strategy

        Generative AI (gen AI) represents the next evolution of AI systems – characterized by its ability to learn, adapt, and collaborate.

        Her story podcast series

        Incredible stories, straight from the heart.

        Teens in AI

        Inspiring the next generation of data and AI talent to shape the world of tomorrow.

          Meet our experts

          Niraj Parihar

          CEO, Insights & Data
          Niraj Parihar became the CEO of the Insights & Data (I&D) Global Business Line at Capgemini on January 1st, 2023, at which point he also joined the Group Executive Committee. He is responsible for a global team of 23,000+ professionals, driving growth and transforming Capgemini’s portfolio of Cloud Data & AI platform, AI & Data Engineering, Data Strategy, Analytics and Data Science, and Intelligent Process Automation, enabling digital transformation for clients with data backed insights.

          Anne-Laure Thibaud (Thieullent)

          Executive Vice President, Data & AI Group Offer Leader
          Choosing the right technology for the right usage is key, but how your company should change the way it acts around data is vital. My passion is to bring technology, business transformation and governance together and take our clients to where they want to be as Intelligent Enterprises, while cultivating the values of trust, privacy and fairness.

          Sebastien Guibert

          Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation, Offer Leader
          A Data and AI Leader, serves as the Global Portfolio Head for Business Services and Group Offer Leader for Intelligent Business Process Operation and Intelligent Process Automation. With over 24 years of experience, he excels in managing AI portfolios across various sectors, optimizing enterprise processes, and deploying advanced Data technologies for scalable AI insights. Sebastien’s qualifications include BAC +5 in IT Management and BAC +2 in Mechanical Engineering, along with PMI certification since 2009.

          Valérie Perhirin

          EVP, Intelligent Sustainability Powered by Data, Capgemini Sustainability Services
          Valerie leads a global team of data experts including scientists, analysts, architects, and engineers that partner with clients to leverage data to design and execute sustainable transformation. Her continued focus on leveraging the latest in technology and advancements in AI and modern analytics ensures clients achieve business value and sustainable operations at scale from data.

          Vincent de Montalivet

          Principal, Global Co-Offer Lead, Carbon Sustainability Data Hub
          Empowering sustainability with Data & AI innovation and culture change is a way to bring value generating transformation pathway for business, planet and society


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