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We are poised at the start of a new digital experience – the metaverse.

Accelerating the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, the metaverse will offer a multitude of new ways for us all to experience things differently – whether at work, home, or play. The metaverse represents the next stage of the Internet, enabling billions of people to connect in virtual worlds, experiencing real-life feelings. 

These public and private decentralized 3D virtual spaces will deliver online digital CX (customer experience) and EX (employee experience), generated by a sense of presence and space, speech, gesture, touch and even smell. Across sectors, organizations are eagerly talking about what the metaverse could mean for their marketing, their operations, and their employees.

But the metaverse is not just spaces to socialize, play games, and shop. Perhaps the platform’s greatest longer-term value is that it will give businesses the potential to build personalized and sustained relationships with customers, and develop immersive experiences for employees, helping them to work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively with colleagues, and attract and retain scarce talent.

Now is the time for businesses to understand the practical application of the metaverse – and how to explore its future potential. Experience things differently.

    The road to the metaverse

    Alexandre Embry, head of the Metaverse-lab joined Ryan Peterson of our partner Unity, to explore where the metaverse is headed.

    Partnering with Unity – a leader in real-time 3D solutions

    Our partnership with Unity will enable connected, interactive, immersive experiences in the metaverse, for any industry.

      What we do

      Creating the immersive workplace of the future

      We view the industrial metaverse as a significant opportunity for using metaverse technologies to achieve operational excellence in the industrial workplace; to improve the operational, manufacturing, and supply chain processes throughout a product’s lifecycle. It’s a strategic economic shift in which the “digital twin” is taken to a whole new level, progressing from the Internet of Things – which describes the interconnection of physical objects, where data is exchanged over the internet or networks – to the “Internet of Twins,” with an additional dimension provided through the digital object. 
      This next generation of digital twins will be interconnected, immersive, collaborative, persistence and accessible from anywhere and on many devices. We intuitively expect the metaverse to be more complex, more layered – an evolving reality, and an experience that is synchronized with reality, with interactions on a deeper, collaborative level. This evolution makes it possible to scale up data exchanges and to interconnect with a vast range of information flows.

      Strengthen your customer engagement and loyalty, and your brand’s value

      How do companies make a connection that drives the much sought-after brand loyalty and, critically, helps them deliver the best CX to outperform competitors? One route is to create immersive customer experiences. These are contextually relevant, multi-sensory experiences enabled by the right combination of flat, natural, and extended-reality interfaces and sensor technologies that create emotional and intuitive value for people.

      Increasingly valued in consumer products, retail, fashion, luxury, and also entertainment, sport and events, we are helping to build virtual spaces to promote NFT-driven virtual or physical goods and services. These spaces increase consumer’s loyalty, reach new audiences, build the brand reputation, and virtually test products before producing them in the real life, to deliver richer-quality immersive experiences.

      Providing a human and immersive workplace and collaboration spaces

      Just as delivering positive emotional outcomes drives loyalty with customers, it can also increase retention and engagement among employees. Work/life balance, empowerment, and confidence are all positives that an employee wants. And pain avoidance comes in the guise of faster learning, better retention, and better focus.
      In this age of working from home, it is more important to prevent employees from becoming disconnected and demotivated.  An immersive experience strategy can make employees feel included from the start, maintaining team spirit and helping retain scarce staff.  So, businesses should consider integrating metaverse solutions from hiring, onboarding, to learning and development, and in fostering collaborative teamwork. 
      We can help you improve the employee experience with more efficient operations, lead time reduction, reduced risks, and training time, all leading to increased employee recruiting and retention. 

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          Expert perspectives

          Inside stories: Beyond the horizon

          We speak to three Capgemini colleagues exploring new technologies – Web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse – and ask them how a culture of innovation creates the space to experiment and learn.

          Meet our experts

          Alexandre Embry

          VP – CTIO – Head of Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab
          Alexandre Embry is CTIO, member of the Capgemini Technology, Innovation and Ventures Council. He is leading the Immersive Technologies domain, looking at trends analysis and developing the deployment strategy at Group level. He specializes in exploring and advising organizations on emerging tech trends and their transformative powers. He is passionate about enhancing the user experience and he is identifying how Metaverse, Web3, NFT and Blockchain technologies, AR/VR/MR can advance brands and companies with enhanced customer or employee experiences. He is the founder and head of the Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab, which helps clients shape and execute their metaverse strategies on various horizons, while contributing to build the future Metaverse and Web3 involving key partners. He is also the founder of the Capgemini Andy3D immersive remote collaboration solution.

          Kary Bheemaiah

          Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), Capgemini Invent & Co-Lead of the Metaverse-Lab
          Kary is Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Capgemini Invent where he helps to define the business and sectorial implications of emerging technologies that are of strategic importance to Capgemini’s clients. Kary informs go-to-market implementation plans, aids in the creation of new client-specific solutions & services and contributes to thought leadership on innovative technologies. He further connects the world of emerging technology to all Capgemini Invent practices, clients, and sectors.

          Charlton Monsanto

          Immersive Experiences Global Offer Leader
          Charlton is a business leader with expertise in consulting, technology strategy and management, user experience strategy, business development, marketing, and sales. He works with clients globally to deliver exceptional client solutions and drive revenue growth – implementing traditional and new technologies. His passion is listening to clients, imagining and innovating a variety of solutions, and partnering to meet their unique challenges. His superpower is combining trends, empathy and design with technology best-practices to solve for the ever-evolving new normal in customer and employee engagement strategies.

          Dheeren Vélu

          Web3 & NFT stream Lead of Capgemini Metaverse Lab
          Dheeren is the Web3 & NFT Lead at Capgemini Metaverse Lab. As an innovation expert and Web3 strategist, he has an extensive background in artificial intelligence and is focused on developing novel concepts and business models in the emerging Web3 and metaverse areas, bringing to life innovative solutions and products, underpinned by the decentralized capabilities like smart contracts, tokens and NFT techniques.

          Nitin Dhemre

          Immersive Stream Lead of the Capgemini Metaverse Lab
          Nitin is Director, Innovation Strategy & Design, frog Growth Strategy Paris, and Immersive Stream Lead of the Capgemini Metaverse Lab

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