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OUTfront: LGBTQ+ inclusion

At Capgemini, we are committed to creating an environment, where every employee feels comfortable being themselves, their uniqueness is celebrated, and they can focus on contributing with the best ideas.

Our leadership actively supports our workplace programs as a priority. Our overall workplace D&I practices include gender-neutral job descriptions, specialized counselling, various inclusion dialogues, moments and many more.

The LGBT+ Ally Network was set up in May 2017. It has played a significant role in driving awareness of differences in sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We conduct gender sensitization sessions for our leadership team, business teams as well as at an organization level. We have set up gender-neutral restrooms across all our buildings at our campus. We believe the focus needs to be on creating an environment where everyone can experience the feeling of “I belong” and take pride in bringing themselves to work by being comfortable with their uniqueness. Creating a progressive culture with diversity and inclusion at heart is the key to attracting, retaining, and growing the best talent and at Capgemini we bring this to life with a holistic focus to our D&I practices across different segments of the workforce.

Equality is non-negotiable

Inclusion and diversity are critical for what we do at Capgemini India and for who we want to be as an organization.

One of the most common questions is why do we need LGBT+ inclusion?

One of the simplistic answers is, for business reasons – as diverse people bring multiple perspectives that add value. Capgemini India believes in creating an environment where an employee can give their best, we are here to enable each one of you to give your best.

When we have such a diverse set of people, it is imperative to acknowledge the differences whether they are sexual orientation or gender identity.

Promoting support for LGBT+ diversity in the workplace has become increasingly important over the last decade, here’s why (Source: Hiring LGBT+ Talent – A best practices guide by Pride Circle India – May 2021)

Our Involvement:


We are making focused efforts to ensure we adapt to the culture of LGBT+ inclusion. Here are some of the steps we have taken towards strengthening our gender agenda and enhancing LGBT+ people experience at Capgemini offices in India.

  • Sensitization sessions for our employees to have an open mind and embrace all diversities at workplace.
  • Regular review of HR policies and processes for building an inclusive workplace through use of gender-neutral terms like partner (instead of husband or wife)
  • Non-discrimination against people who have come out at our workplace as LGBT+ community – in the day to day operations, performance appraisals through frequent connects with the employees and concerned HR partners.
  • We provide a safe platform to our employees and leaders to talk on the topics of gender inclusion via Podcast and Yammer (internal chat application) conversations.
  • Our commitment to inclusion is reflected through our Diversity and Inclusion charter and non-discrimination statement.

"Take Pride, Take Action"

As a company committed to creating an inclusive and sustainable future for our planet, our people and society, Capgemini has made strides in supporting the LGBT+ community. We also want to continue our journey of inclusion for all.

“Take Pride, Take Action” is an opportunity for us to highlight all of these remarkable milestones, the progressive policies we are building, the education we are providing to our employees, and the collaborative culture we are developing to create a better future for the LGBT+ community and its allies. Our goal is to inspire others and organizations to take positive action to create an inclusive world for all.

Our Benefits

All benefits listed below are available to any employee eligible for Capgemini India benefits plan.

  • We are one of the few first companies to provide partner medical insurance coverage for employees in same-sex relationships.
  • We cover gender affirmation surgery in our medical insurance for trans people to support their transition.
  • We have built all gender washrooms at our offices.
  • We ensure non-discrimination against people who have come out at our workplace as LGBTQ+ community – in the day to day operations.
  • Awareness and sensitization session are made a part of the induction and hiring process.
  • We have been running Culture Brain and Bias workshops to reiterate the importance on being inclusive and have been urging colleagues to address their unconscious bias with respect to LGBTQ+ and other dimensions of diversity