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PingYOUniverse 2023

Unleash the power of identity

Join us at Ping Identity’s annual user conference and see how we’re reimagining the future of identity. Here you’ll find ways to make your identity solutions more secure while delivering exceptional experiences for all your users.

November 14 | London, UK and November 16| Paris, France

Meet with us at our booths in London and Paris and learn how you can keep up with the dynamic world of cybersecurity and innovate continuously to create a brand differentiating customer experience for your clients.

Capgemini plenary session |November 14, 11:30-12:00 GMT | Congress hall

From friction to flow: A case study in reducing login friction and improving customer experience

Joining us on the stage for this plenary is our customer Electricity System Operator (ESO). Learn how working with Capgemini and Ping Identity, ESO obtained a new highly scalable solution that provided a secure, unified method for customers to access its digital applications using a user-friendly single sign-on capability.


Dhanya Nandakumar

Dhanya Nandakumar

Customer Identity & Access Management Product Owner, National Grid ESO 

Rahul Tendulkar

Rahul Tendulkar

Head of IAM, Capgemini 

Zero trust orchestration

How to orchestrate secure, reduced friction user journeys within a zero trust framework

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Identity & Access Management

With our Identity & Access Management (IAM) services, you can manage cyber security risks and gain control of new ways of working.

Meet our experts

Andrew Critchley

Global Head of IAM Practice

Rahul Tendulkar

Head of IAM Capgemini UK&I
Rahul currently heads up the IAM capability for Capgemini in UK&I. As a seasoned leader and highly experienced cyber security professional with more than 18 years of experience in IAM, he has been an intrinsic part of many customer transformation journeys throughout his career. Right from the early days as a consultant with a small SI to managing large corporate clients at the big4, and now at Capgemini, he has been highly focused on outcomes, value realization and return on investments for his clients as a part of their IAM transformations.