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Reshape our future with Generative AI

Generative AI (GenAI) and other forms of Artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new opportunities to reshape the future.

    Leading sustainability

    Accelerating sustainability in a changing world.

      The future of technology

      If you don’t use technology to disrupt the market, then someone else will.

        Marketing for customer experience

        In a world of hyperconnected customers interacting with brands across multiple digital and physical touchpoints, the role of the CMO is changing.

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          Cutting-edge laboratories are driving innovation and competitiveness within the pharmaceutical industry.

          The Eco-Digital EraTM: The dual transition to a sustainable and digital economy.

          Examine the position of connected products as an integral aspect of the modern consumer lifestyle, with one-third of consumers now using connected products around the clock.

          Harnessing the power of technology for a sustainable future.

          This edition delves into the unprecedented growth and the myriad opportunities that generative AI brings to the field of marketing.

          As the global economy enters a software-led, digital era, software has gone from a good-to-have tool to a key asset for competitive success and value creation.

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