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Life sciences

Breaking down barriers, bringing you to better patient outcomes.

Pharma and MedTech organizations face challenges on every front; behind each barrier lies immense opportunity. Patient experience is expanding into new domains. Traditional divides within the business are disintegrating. Data and AI-enhanced innovation, sustainability, public purpose – each one is a new possibility wrapped in a challenge. The organizations that break down barriers fastest, and reach new playing fields first, will lead the next generation of health. The outcomes are waiting – for you and the patients who rely on you.

Breaking barriers is about ensuring that business, technology, and the data that enables them integrate harmoniously. Seamlessly connecting the right data to the right people at the right time will be crucial. Today’s data strategy is the foundation for tomorrow’s groundbreaking successes.  

In the rapidly evolving sectors of Pharma and MedTech, there’s a pressing need for integrated, connected thinking – for engineering that understands patients, their needs, and their emotions. At the intersection of technology and people – that’s where innovation flourishes. 

We have a track record of delivering end-to-end business transformation and digital technology services at scale, from strategy to implementation, for clients in over 40 countries.

“We go beyond helping companies define their vision. We design and deliver it.”

Thorsten Rall, Capgemini Global Life Sciences Industry Lead

Client stories


    Connected health

    From experiment to enterprise profit center. Connected health programs have reached a new phase in maturity and growth.

    Crossing the finish line

      What we do

      Data-driven research and development 
      Gain end-to-end support in data, AI, automation, and digital technology. We draw on decades of experience to help you industrialize the drug discovery value chain, from laboratory management to scale-up. 
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      Next-gen clinical development
      With ever-increasing challenges and rewards for bringing a successful innovation to market, your development process must be efficient, effective, and fast. Here’s how you can benefit from the explosion of potential in new treatments.
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      Intelligent production system
      An Intelligent production system helps you to accelerate delivery of assets and their care throughout the lifecycle and achieve breakthrough performance. In end-to-end production and release of patient therapies, our team works with you to ensure the highest quality and compliance levels. 
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      Intelligent regulatory, compliance and quality 
      Non-compliance can induce high secondary costs such as non-released products stocks, product recalls, delayed production, and risks for patients. Our approach, from diagnosis to implementation, combines in-depth expertise in pharmaceutical and medical device regulations. And with local capabilities in all major geographical areas, we’re ready to support you globally. 
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      Intelligent supply chain
      Life sciences firms face multiple supply chain challenges – some common, and some specific to the life sciences field. Going forward, supply chain resilience will require a new set of solutions. Learn more.

      Next-gen laboratories solutions
      We bring your laboratory capabilities up to the limit of what’s technologically possible today. And this in turn brings your patients access to quality, safe and state-of-the-art treatment options, advancing human health one step further. Learn more.

      Digital core for life sciences 
      At Capgemini, we believe the foundation for sustainable success will be a modern digital core. That means the availability of rich capabilities, intelligence, and automation to help companies embrace digital innovation at speed and scale – while delivering predictable and measurable outcomes as standard.
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      Cloud services  
      Establish the foundation for digital agility while enabling a more sustainable IT. We help you harness the cloud across the enterprise to optimize your value chain, unlock insight with computing on demand, and build collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.
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      Cybersecurity services 
      Ensure end-to-end services for every phase of your cyber transformation, including a global network of Security Operations Centers, 360-degree, real-time visibility, and rapid detection of threats in your enterprise.
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      Re-inventing engagement and experience  
      Re-invent your customer experience and broaden the continuum of engagement. We apply creativity, strategy, design, data and digital to help you create real-time engagement that cultivates a better customer experience. 
      Accelerating insights and outcomes  
      Modernize your commercial organization across the entire product lifecycle. With consulting services and a propriety set of assets, our Quaero360 Insights Platform ensures a robust solution. Learn how to leverage the volume of data generated by patients to drive better treatment journeys and life-changing outcomes. 

      Connected health  
      Maximize the value of your connected health strategy. We are the industry’s premier enterprise growth partner for connected health and digital therapeutics, helping organizations develop compelling integrated portfolio strategies. We help you develop and launch successful, scalable digital, connected, and human-centered solutions.
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      Intelligent product and systems engineering for MedTech 
      Turn inspiration into impact with end-to-end product development support. We combine user insights, new technologies, regulatory rigor, advanced systems engineering, and breakthrough business models to improve health outcomes and create business value. Empower your innovators to create, develop, and launch regulated intelligent products and services.
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        We are named a leader by ISG in all of its major quadrants

        We are in the Leaders’ space in the five quadrants of the Life Sciences – Digital Services 2022 Provider Lens by Information Services Group(ISG)

        Leader in connected medical device services by Everest Group

        We are positioned as a leader in Everest Group’s Peak Matrix Assessment 2022.

        Leader for life sciences digital services by Everest Group

        Everest group recognizes Capgemini again in 2022

        Leader for ER&D services for 2021 with Zinnov Zones

        We were recognized for commitment to deliver intelligent products and services for clients across industry verticals and markets.

          Expert perspectives

          Meet our experts

          Thorsten Rall

          Global Industry Lead Life Sciences, EVP
          Since January 2023, Thorsten has been the Executive Vice President and Global Industry Lead for Life Sciences at Capgemini. Previously, he worked at Novartis in various senior roles. As Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation & Innovation, he led the digital function, developed and implemented high-risk, high-return strategic innovation initiatives, and was responsible for Business Development and partnerships in the digital space.

          Nirlipta Panda

          Global Life Sciences, Capgemini Engineering
          “I’m intrigued every day at the enormous impact of digital and innovation in healthcare and improving the quality of lives.”

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