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Breaking down O2C process silos accelerates billing

Bartosz Grochowski
10 Jun 2022

Capgemini’s award-winning Digital Customer Invoicing solution helps finance teams simplify their way of working, breaking down silos between departments to standardize the entire order-to-cash process from end-to-end.

When it comes to order-to-cash (O2C) processes, every finance team worth their salt have a lot to consider. This includes contractual requirements, legal regulations, business specificity, and e-invoicing needs – otherwise defined as process siloes, which often make it challenging to industrialize the initial O2C scope and increase operational efficiency across the board. On top of this, data-driven intelligent automation is no longer a luxury – it’s a must.

Our O2C teams were recently faced with precisely this challenge – disconnected and siloed data critical to the billing process. This provided an opportunity for Capgemini to develop a unique project management and invoicing tool that makes the O2C process easier – and continuing Capgemini’s journey to become a Leader for Leaders in finance .

Flexible and transparent O2C processes

Our intelligent automation team, based in Poland, built a new Digital Customer Invoicing solution thatprovides our internal financial engagements with a transparent, 360-degree view of what’s happening on the ground with regards to customer billing.

This helps to break down O2C process silos, standardizing the entire O2C process , making it much easier to submit customer and third-party invoices.

Impact on O2C

Since implementation, our solution has improved Days Outstanding Receivables (DOR), shortened turnaround time for end-to-end invoice processing, and increased operational efficiency by accelerating the transactional process.

Furthermore, our solution produces the highest possible data quality results when processing  invoices by integrating intelligent data validation processes into our invoicing lifecycle. This has been critical in improving our O2C processes overall.

Award-winning O2C solution

Need more proof of the value of our new solution? Well, it has been recognized by Business Intelligence Group, who recently awarded it a BIG Innovation Award – which shows how much our Digital Customer Invoicing solution helps improve finance processes, and O2C in particular.

This is just one of the many ways Capgemini helps finance teams improve their ways of working. Learn more about how Capgemini’s Frictionless Finance can make your finance operations truly frictionless through implementing AI-infused receivables, payables, and controllership.

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