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Andrew Critchley
28 Nov 2023

Ping Identity’s annual Identity Excellence Awards honor the best identity and access management (IAM) projects around the globe.

Capgemini’s win showcases our ability to exploit the very latest capabilities from Ping Identity to deliver secure and engaging customer experiences.

Ping Identity, leaders in intelligent identity and access management (IAM), announced the winners of its seventh annual Identity Excellence Awards 2023 this month. Capgemini together with our customer Electricity System Operator (ESO)took home the Identity Customer Experience Champion award for our project this year in which we implemented an all-new customer identity and access management (CIAM) service for them.

ESO is the electricity system operator for Great Britain, enabling Great Britain to have the essential energy it needs by ensuring supply meets demand every second of every day. Capgemini was engaged to develop the strategic vision for customer IAM and then build a new solution to provide ESO with a secure and seamless authentication capability across all their digital applications. Previously, ESO’s customers needed to register, sign in, and maintain profiles separately for each application, resulting in a poor user experience and inconsistent branding across digital products and services, and constraining future planned growth.

To address this challenge, Capgemini leveraged the full capabilities of PingOne DaVinci to build and orchestrate custom authentication journeys with pre-emptive error scenarios, as well as tailored registration, social login, and self-service journeys. The solution also supported industry-benchmarked integration with third-party services and social providers to provide a seamless and secure single sign-on experience.

The new CIAM service provided ESO with several significant benefits, including:

  • A simplified, personalized, and consistent user experience around registration, authentication, and profile management across platforms and services, saving customers time and improving security at the same time
  • Decreased IT support-desk reliance for speedier customer-request resolution
  • Increased capacity to account for scaling up over coming years to meet projected demand.

“Today’s customers expect exceptional experiences with every online interaction,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. And it is the above combination of benefits and innovative use of their technology which led Ping Identity leadership to select the ESO CIAM service as the standout project from over 90 entries to best represent innovation and leadership in advancing the identity industry in delivering easier, faster, and more enjoyable experiences to their customers.

This award is a true testimony to the great collaborative work by our team together with our customer ESO and our partner Ping Identity. We’d like to give a special shout-out to all in our combined UK and India GDC team most ably led by Ping Chen, Shana Dacres, and Bilal Mahmood for their dedication and commitment – you know who you are, and we couldn’t have done any of this without all of you!

For more insights into this work, check out our explainer video here and full case study here.

At Capgemini, we’ve established a strong IAM practice across various industry sectors, to provide advisory consulting, professional services, and managed services. Capgemini has a large ecosystem of IAM technology partners, including market leaders such as Ping Identity, CyberArk, and SailPoint, which enables us to leverage the best-in-class services suited to each client’s individual needs. IAM is a key capability within our global Cybersecurity practice, enabling Capgemini to provide holistic cybersecurity services involving identity across areas such as zero trust, cloud security, and our cyber defense centers.

And, as AI-based, context-sensitive, adaptive risk-based approaches become ever more prevalent, we see the future of identity security being increasingly aligned and integrated within this wider ecosystem of cyber services. Going forward, our aim is to fully exploit our joined-up cyber capabilities to drive innovation and continue pushing the frontiers of identity to meet our customer’s business outcomes.


Andrew Critchley

Global Head of IAM Practice