Cybersecurity today is the platform that’s driving some of the most innovative advances in the world around us.

From self-driving cars to wind farms, from fintech to vaccines, it’s cybersecurity that’s opening the doors to the sort of experiences, breakthroughs, and futures that we could only imagine a few years ago.

The new face of cybersecurity.

As technology has advanced, it’s certainly expanded the threat surface that organizations need to protect. The explosion of connected devices, the move to the cloud, new ways of working, and the need to build richer experiences for customers – all these developments have pushed cybersecurity to new heights and new places.
Gone are the days when simply protecting your infrastructure was enough. Today success is defined not by time spent behind firewalls, but by the ability to enhance connections with partners and suppliers, boosting productivity, and imagining new connected experiences for customers.

From protection to foundations

The world leading organizations that we help and support have embraced this deeper and broader vision of cybersecurity. No longer do they see it as the remit of a single team or function. No longer is it measured simply by its ability to stop bad things from happening. Today they’re embracing a cybersecurity mindset and culture that spans the organization. From manufacturing operations to customer service, from supply chain to finance, they’re embracing a multi-layered, zero-trust approach.

It’s this view of cybersecurity as a foundation rather than a protective layer that’s allowing huge strides to be taken.

Connected self-driving cars, for example, become possible when organizations have true confidence in their entire technology infrastructure. Deep collaboration on vaccines and other medical innovations is opened up when organizations have the confidence to share and collaborate in the cloud.

At Capgemini it’s our mission to help organizations realize the benefits of end-to-end strength in cybersecurity. This means sharing our expertise, not just bringing in our experts; it means building-in security using the very latest technology rather than plugging in a solution; it means applying our deep sector expertise, and ultimately, it means accelerating innovation as both a force for good and a commercial opportunity.

To put it simply: when you’re stronger inside, you’re more open to the outside.
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