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How can you scale up your cloud transformation without lock in?

Jonathan Le Lous
October 29, 2020

Capgemini and Red Hat can help you answer these questions with Red Hat’s unique OpenShift® platform – at a time when many enterprises are looking to save and improve resilience. This blog discusses how Capgemini and Red Hat can help scale your cloud efforts, what we have already done for other companies, and how we upskill your people while still giving you the choice you need to succeed in today’s market.

What Capgemini and Red Hat offer you

This year, Capgemini was named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, 2020. Part of this success is due to the work of our Cloud Infrastructure CoE team, which has the expertise and the tools – both onshore and offshore – to support you on large-scale cloud migrations.

Meanwhile, Red Hat supports your transformation with migration factory tools fitted to OpenShift and offers platform guidance around best-of-breed containerization services such as service mesh, and operators, etc.

Our value proposal includes:

  • Change management with a proven, effective operating model including onboarding, platform engineering, and RUN capabilities
  • A hybrid multi-cloud approach across both private and public cloud (EKS, AKS, GKE, OVH etc.)
  • Infrastructure deployment solutions based on containerization (Kubernetes): CaaS, and PaaS
  • A Cloud Native Infrastructure Center of Expertise
  • All the expertise and large application migration and transformation capabilities you need.

Capgemini is one of the few global companies that offers all of this in-house, handling the entire cloud migration process from end to end – from planning to deployment – ensuring your cloud ambitions are a success.

Why is this important now?

2020 has shown everyone the need to be ready for the unexpected while highlighting the need to save money wherever possible. This where Red Hat’s OpenShift® platform, based on bare-metal, Azure, or any other cloud provider comes in. This platform was designed with containerization in mind. It leverages our multi-cloud approach to enable you to work across all major cloud providers and provides you with containerization experts who will propose the right cloud solution for you, ensuring that your business is less effected by any unexpected events that might occur.

How can Capgemini and Red Hat help?

Most companies fail in their cloud ambitions because their Ops team is not ready for change and their operating model doesn’t work. We get around this by providing you with a proven, effective operating model that shows everyone who is accountable for certain critical roles within the migration process. We know that every team involved in this process is starting from scratch: the platform team is just beginning to build the platform, the run team may have never worked with anything like this before, and the product team may not even know what cloud native means. In fact, this is the reality for 80–90% of the companies we work with. We can support you during your cloud migration journey – upskilling your teams with the training and experience they need to ensure they scale up effectively. This may take two to four years to complete, but our results speak for themselves.

Benefits and results of working with Capgemini and Red Hat

On average working with us generates a:

  • 32% increase in saving costs
  • 38% increase in efficiency within IT infrastructure teams
  • 55% increase in efficiency within IT helpdesk teams
  • 34% increase in new applications development.

We are currently helping a European insurance company modernize their environment, which involves moving 20,000 containers across their platforms. Our ability to implement an effective operating model early on in the process and our ability to give this client the capabilities they need to upskill their employees have proven very beneficial to the entire migration process. We have also been helping a French Fortune 40 client build an attractive business case to increase the rate of containerization and migration within their own organization. The client is doing this to be more resilient while reinjecting the money they save, leveraging our OpenShift® platform back into their cloud migration journey. This approach ensures that true DevOps becomes a reality for them sooner rather than later.

Key takeaways to remember

If you want to scale up your cloud efforts successfully, you need to remember three crucial words: planning, onboarding, and training.

To succeed in the market of tomorrow, you must:

  • Implement an effective operations model that encourages accountability.
  • Onboard your Development, IT, and Ops teams quickly to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Provide your people with the training they need to succeed going forward.

Capgemini and Red Hat help you achieve success across the board. We take the elephant in the room and support you in tackling it one step at a time while our OpenShift® platform helps you build the secure future you want. For more information about how Capgemini and Red Hat can help make your cloud migration dreams a reality, please attend Jonathan Le Lous’ speaking session at the Red Hat EMEA forum on November 3, 2020 at 12:30pm CET. Find out more here.