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Husqvarna: Harnessing the power of innovation in Silicon Valley

Andreas Sjöström
3 Jan 2023

As one of the oldest companies in Europe, Husqvarna can look back on a rich history of innovation spanning more than 330 years. During this time, they have ventured into many different industries, exploring the latest in forest and garden products, outdoor power products, construction, sustainability, and more. Innovation is in Husqvarna Group’s DNA, so they teamed up with our team at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in San Francisco, tapping into the latest and greatest of what Silicon Valley has to offer.

Applying the Silicon Valley lens

Whether it’s London, New York, or Shenzhen, it’s no coincidence that Capgemini’s AIEs are always right on the pulse. The same is true for our AIE in San Francisco, right at the beating heart of the most famous global startup hub. In Silicon Valley, the AIE is in a particularly favorable position to provide enterprises with specific tech innovation and venture capitalist insights.

At the AIE San Francisco , the Silicon Valley angle, and the partnerships and relationships that come with it, is our most important asset.

The startups, the venture capital firms, academic research, innovators, entrepreneurs, and other impactful thought leaders make Silicon Valley the unique ecosystem it is – and we’re lucky to find ourselves right at the center of it. This is how we orchestrate or facilitate answers for our clients or help carve out the relevant questions they should ask themselves. 

Husqvarna, with whom Capgemini shares a long-standing innovation partnership, know the value of having a trusted team so close to the action. Long-term, ad-hoc innovation workshops are not necessarily the most helpful way to help shape stronger innovation capabilities. It can’t be about one workshop or project; innovation proficiency needs to be sustained and continuously evolve. That’s why we strongly believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

We have had the privilege of working with Husqvarna for many years. The collaboration we’ve established over many programs and projects has created a solid foundation for current and future innovation partnerships. I have personally worked closely with many of Husqvarna’s talented teams, so I am proud to be their direct plug into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Practicing sustained innovation

The AIE’s specialty is introducing enterprises and partners to the possibilities of up-and-coming and evolving tech innovation, whether to solve an existing problem or explore new business opportunities. We call it sustained innovation.

The Husqvarna collaboration, in particular, was set up as a program rather than a one-off project, which meant we first defined the business’s strategic priorities. Working closely with their digital innovation leadership team, our team at the San Francisco AIE helped outline four key areas forming the pillars of Husqvarna’s Silicon Valley innovation program.


“The program with Capgemini AIE has been incredibly impactful, allowing Husqvarna to keep up to date with the latest developments in digital-related emerging technologies, and with the team acting as our extension in Silicon Valley.”
Ulf Axelsson, VP Digital Business Transformation at Husqvarna Group

Facilitating new liaisons

Establishing innovation pillars allowed our team to dive deep into each area and present our findings to the Husqvarna leadership team. We conducted [PS1] a “future of” workshop, where we discussed certain key areas and their business opportunities in-depth, such as the future of AI or the future of hyper-personalization.

In total, we probably filtered through thousands of startups and partners based on Husqvarna’s priorities, created a select list of potential partners, and brought them in to showcase new ideas and discuss them with the client.

One of the outcomes includes the design and development of a new computer vision solution using the latest AI technologies. This cutting-edge technology showed great business potential and was thus a natural fit for Husqvarna.
On top of that, we provide Husqvarna with regular updates on the most promising developments in their areas of interest in Silicon Valley. It is our priority to continuously keep ourselves and the client updated on the latest developments in key areas of interest and importance. Whether it’s new startups or venture capital updates, we want to make sure they stay in the know and can proactively leverage new opportunities.


By focusing on emerging technologies and business models tailored to our clients’ priorities and goals, Capgemini AIEs can help clients develop their innovation proficiency and sustain growth through innovation.

CTA: Visit Capgemini’s AIE to learn more.

Andreas Sjöström

CTO & VP at Applied Innovation Exchange
Leading the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Capgemini’s flagship innovation space. International experience as CTO of Capgemini Scandinavia, member of Sweden and Scandinavia country boards. Digital transformation and innovation advisor for key accounts in the US, Netherlands, France, and the Nordics.