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“Magna Carta for Oracle SaaS Cloud” … the CloudNow methodology

June 20, 2019

Ever wonder what is sacred about the Magna Carta and the Arthashastra? They both provide a treatise or “method” for how to go about “stuff” that previously had only been vaguely and incoherently discussed. Though ancient, they shine like pole stars for formulating SOPs to explain and execute profound (and sometimes mundane) concepts that are easy on the layman and repeatable.

Why Oracle Cloud, how do I get there?

The Oracle Cloud footprint is a broad footprint of Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions. Cloud Solutions can be adopted and adapted in multiple ways to meet your current and future business needs. The choices are many and when combined with business requirements around social, mobile and analytics within the boundaries of data security, scalability and accessibility, a complex matrix of options takes shape comprised of multiple decision points, each with its own set of advantages.

What is a method?

A concept that is well understood and experienced firsthand can and must be organized/documented clearly for the greater good, in a way that is easy for others to follow with confidence and without having to guess.

A method therefore:

  1. Confirms that we know the subject so well, that we have documented it in detail
  2. Helps us execute activities since its all clearly laid out and nothing falls through the cracks
  3. Serves as a go-to for both the uninitiated and the experts as a reference manual.

Capgemini’s Oracle CloudNow Methodology

With our strong delivery capabilities on Oracle Cloud and NetSuite, we created our own Magna Carta for cloud and named it the CloudNow Methodology. Capgemini’s CloudNow method for Oracle and NetSuite is no ordinary method. It is the mother of all methods. It spans across the entire cloud lifecycle i.e assessment, implementation, and managed Services, aimed at making the customers journey to the cloud simple, exciting, and successful.

The CloudNow methodology leverages our experience in delivering benefits-focused solutions across multi-cloud engagements and offers a highly collaborative and agile experience designed to eliminate risks in adopting Oracle Cloud Services. It contains the phases, activities, deliverables, relevant tools, templates, and accelerators that’ll serve as a jump-start kit for our practitioners to deliver cloud in an agile fashion to customers.

A complete method for all phases of the cloud lifecycle

CloudNow method will help reduce efforts, provide more control, and offer greater velocity to our delivery teams. It has three sub-methods for each of three lifecycles:

CloudNow “Advice” for Cloud assessments and roadmaps

CloudNow “Align” for Cloud implementations

CloudNow “Animate” for Cloud managed services.

AM I ready for Oracle Cloud?

The CloudNow Advice defines a four-phased assessment approach (plan, scan, craft, and solve). It offers a highly collaborative, fact-based analysis to produce powerful deliverables designed to eliminate risks in adopting Oracle Cloud Services. The Capgemini Oracle cloud readiness assessment provides pre-built tools and accelerators, deployment models as well as our experience in delivering cloud

How do I adapt to Oracle Cloud? New and modern Operating Ways….

CloudNow Align defines an agile implementation approach, new ways of working such as Digital Delivery Framework (DDF), RapidUpgarde2Cloud [RU2C] cloud migration accelerator and leverages leading industry practices, project learnings, and in-house solution platforms for efficient project delivery

What is life on Cloud?

Our CloudNow Animate defines cloud-specific managed services across the service transition, service run, and continuous service improvement phases. It includes innovative tools to help elevate end user experience through tools like EZtrans 2.0 – a transition accelerator, Cloud Digital Aide to action user requests, Business Process Focus to measure Business KPI’s to provide actionable intelligence and Rapid Testing on Cloud -RTOC, an automated regression testing suite to guarantee new and frequent product releases are tested before production release.

In closing, Capgemini’s CloudNow method sets us clearly apart in the marketplace. It is yet another validation on our end-to-end service expertise and how we put customer at the center of everting we do. It helps customer pivot to the cloud using new ways of working, Agile and near shore centers backed by our strong capability.

Write to Bala Vaidyanathan or the Capgemini Oracle Solution center at for information on how we can help with your cloud journey.