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Conversations for Tomorrow #8

The dual transition to a digital and sustainable economy

Through our quarterly journal, Conversations for Tomorrow, the Capgemini Research Institute enables leaders to identify the strategic imperatives for the future of business, and the society in which it operates.

The eighth edition of Conversations for Tomorrow focuses on the dual transition toward a digital and sustainable future.  

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to operate within the eco-digital economy – a system that allows companies to deliver growth while also driving environmental and societal sustainability. Capgemini research, conducted in partnership with Harvard Business School, found that around 6 out of ten organizations believe that digital technology can help realize sustainability goals. But how? 

Conversations for Tomorrow #8 features valuable insights to guide organizations through the eco-digital eraTM where digital technology and sustainability intertwine. 

With contributions from:  

  • The former UK treasury minister credited with coining the acronym BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) 
  • The US neuroscientist credited with being the first female President of MIT  
  • A leading professor at Harvard Business School 
  • Senior executives from Google Cloud, Audi, Schneider Electric, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Logitech, Bayer, and La Banque Postale  
  • Subject-matter experts from Capgemini 

Success in the eco-digital economy will be built on a foundation of data with software at the core of the business model. To achieve maximum value, existing technology needs to be leveraged alongside emerging digital innovations such as generative AI and synthetic biology. 

However, achieving sustainability goals isn’t only about embracing digital technologies. It’s about nurturing a company culture that fosters growth and learning for all. This means providing equal opportunities for reskilling and access to education, regardless of gender or socio-economic status. It also means working in collaborative ecosystems with like-minded organizations. 

Download Conversations for Tomorrow #8 to discover how organizations can embrace a future that delivers not only financial value but also environmental and social value. 

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The Capgemini Research Institute spoke to Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, and Aiman Ezzat, CEO, Capgemini, to understand their views on this dual transition to a sustainable economy.

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