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Client story

GE Healthcare optimizes medical equipment installation logistics with Salesforce CRM

Client: GE Healthcare
Region: France
Industry: Life sciences

GE Healthcare works with Capgemini to introduce the SFDC Lightning Salescloud and improve the logistics of its medical equipment installation scheduling

Client challenge: As a result of localized scheduling patterns, GE Healthcare in France had to find a way to manage the installation of over 50% of its annual medical imaging equipment sales within a three month period

Solution: GE Healthcare partnered with Capgemini to develop a solution that gathers real-time data in order to anticipate future installation demand and create a schedule that fulfils customer requests while reducing the risk of delays and the stress placed upon employees

-Fewer installation delays
-More effective supply chain management
-Improved customer and employee experience

Context and Purpose

As a manufacturer of complex medical imaging equipment, every installation that GE Healthcare manages needs to be anticipated and strictly planned. Because the  vacation period in France and the financial optimization of the profession result a peak of installations during quarter 3, during which time 50% of the organization’s annual sales are installed, GE needed support from external teams, other countries, and even early retirees to support demand. The stress that this scheduling placed upon the supply chain had led to substantial disappointment among both employees and customers.

In response, GE Healthcare decided to develop an integrated and mobile tool to gather real-time data and create simulated project schedules based on existing requests, resource capacity, equipment lead time, and a resource management cockpit. By doing so, the organization wanted to gain real-time visibility into scheduling possibilities and challenges while using this collaborative planning tool to introduce a pre-selected dates function to its existing planning and resource management processes. In this way, GE Healthcare intended to anticipate risky or overbooked installation scheduling and address exceptions with additional resources. 

Solution and Benefits

GE Healthcare worked with Capgemini to create the tool as a fully embedded solution within the SFDC Lightning Salescloud. After 4 months of working within an Agile framework that enabled visibility and flexibility, the partners were able to roll out the solution. With this new tool, GE Healthcare employees can visualize real-time data in order to validate installation scheduling, gain long-term visibility that enables the anticipation of resource demand, and more effectively forecast the entire supply chain. Today, the tool is deployed throughout France and GE Healthcare now plans to expand its usage throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia.

With this solution, GE Healthcare has broken down its existing silos and improved collaboration and anticipation of scheduling conflicts, thereby better managing the supply chain. Furthermore, customers experience fewer delays, enjoy more predictable installations, and have greater confidence in GE Healthcare. Globally, the solution is providing earlier and better supply chain forecasting, reducing costs, and improving the employee and customer experience.

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