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Client story

Wind Tre calls in new marketing capabilities in support of customer experience

Client: Wind Tre
Region: Italy
Industry: Telecoms

By engaging with Capgemini, Wind Tre develops and implements a solution based on  Pega, Adobe and Google Cloud components that enables more personalized inbound and outbound customer communication.

Client Challenge: To become leaner and better prepared for future innovations in digital technology, Wind Tre launched a digital transformation initiative that reimagined its approach to customer engagement processes related to sales, marketing, and customer service.

Solution: The company partnered with Capgemini to deliver a new marketing approach based on the Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH). Capgemini collaborated with Adobe and Google Cloud to develop a more effective customer experience.


  • Expanded ability to deliver personalized customer engagement
  • More than 1000 events processed per second
  • 100 million decisions delivered per day across its various channels

To become more effective and relevant in its approach to customer outreach and to enhance its agility, the company undertook a widespread transformation by launching several major projects intended to enhance the customer experience, and improve the effectiveness of its operating model. Through these initiatives, the company envisioned a marketing strategy focused on a more one-to-one approach driven by a central decision authority that would manage continuous engagement during moments of need rather than scheduled campaigns.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, Wind Tre partnered with Capgemini in search of a solution and end-to-end support. This engagement brought a substantial amount of industry knowledge to bear from both parties while unifying Wind Tre’s vision of the future with Capgemini’s technical and transformational expertise.

Identifying and developing a best-fit solution

The project kicked off with a thorough examination of the company’s existing systems and technology as well as potential solutions. Through a series of workshops that hosted various stakeholders from around the business, Wind Tre laid out precise goals and expectations for its overall architecture and the customer journey that would be supported by the new system. While the transformation had originally focused on marketing, the partners soon realized that the solution would need to support a wider range of processes and go beyond out-of-the-box features.

As a result of this collaborative investigation, the project team was able to develop a high-level design that would provide tailored solutions for each client and support inbound and outbound customer communication. Using these needs as a guideline and taking into account the various technical requirements established by Wind Tre, Capgemini then presented potential options that would fit the organization’s expectations and support its ambitions. This collaborative process led Capgemini to select Pega’s Customer Decision Hub (CDH), Adobe Experience Cloud and Google Analytics as the best fit for the project.

To develop the solution in line with the established objectives, the project team followed a sliced delivery plan that kept the transformation journey simple while applying tight control to the project’s scope by splitting it into narrowly focused stages. Throughout this process, Wind Tre and Capgemini worked with Pega, which provided subject matter expertise to ensure that CDH was developed and implemented effectively.

Meanwhile, the project team also established a plan for changing the way of working and supporting all key stakeholders in familiarizing themselves with the new technology. This ensured that once the solution was in place, Wind Tre would get up to speed and fulfill its stated goals as quickly as possible.

Enabling a Next Best Action customer experience

The project team completed a successful implementation of PEGA CDH, Google Cloud and other components, all of which was built on the foundation of a standard solution architecture and accelerators that can be used as part of future projects. With CDH functioning as the central brain of Wind Tre’s contextual marketing automation stack, the company could support marketing campaigns that continuously engaged customers and that could be adjusted and contextualized in real-time for any kind of interaction.

This solution enables Wind Tre to tailor its communications while working more quickly than ever before. More than 100 AI models contributed to every single decision while the company processes more than 1000 events per second and delivers 100 million decisions per day across its various channels. As a result, Wind Tre has seen its inbound and outbound communications become more effective. In addition, the platform provides support for increasingly advanced scenarios with real-time, context-based offers and event-based strategies.

The resiliency and scalability of the entire solution is guaranteed by best of Google Cloud services like Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL Enterprise, Cloud Pub Sub, Cloud Functions and fully integrated with customer data platform on BigQuery.

In this way, Wind Tre has vastly improved its ability to communicate with and support customers, all while preparing itself for future innovations.