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Capgemini selected to enable digital transformation of Norwegian Public Roads Administration

16 Apr 2024

Paris, April 16 – Capgemini today announced the signing of a strategic agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to enable its digital transformation journey and manage its transition towards a more data-driven entity. NPRA strives to provide a smart, safe and continuous road transport system for all of Norway and data is key in ensuring this. As part of this four-year agreement, Capgemini will help develop digital systems that’ll ensure people have relevant and trustworthy data related to traffic and transport, improving the flow of traffic across the country, and helping NPRA meet its commitment to providing a reliable and safe service for citizens.

Capgemini will work together with NPRA on services design, system development, test and maintenance/IT operations, boosting its digital capacity through the provision of dedicated resources and competency-based training. Through this new agreement, Capgemini will help NPRA to improve decision making and enable NPRA to collect, process, present and store road data in a secure manner, which is vital to ensure that the administration is prepared for the future of mobility.

“As a key societal player, we have a responsibility towards the people of Norway and oversee vast resources of data and infrastructure. NPRA is also responsible for applications that provide commuters with important information such as estimated duration of travel, weather data, and pictures and video footage from webcams. The quality of information provided is crucial in ensuring safer travel for all, and Capgemini will play a key role in enabling this. Increased digitalization ensures safer and more predictable travelling on Norwegian roads and optimized costs,” says Lars Kalfoss, director of IT at the NPRA.

“NPRA plays a central role in maintaining and optimizing the road transportation system in Norway. While the administration already possesses a high volume of traffic and transportation data, this brings with it the need for new technologies and competencies that can be applied in the most effective areas of the organization. Our work with NPRA will make it easier to extract data and make these insights available to commuters on Norwegian roads. As a trusted business and technology partner of NPRA since 2017, we are committed to enabling an effective and safe transportation system in Norway,” says Atle Bergfjord, Head of Public Sector at Capgemini Norway.