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Software Process Consulting

New Zealand

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Software engineering

Tell us a bit about your pre-Relaunch working career. What were your adventures before joining us?

I started my career as a web developer using PHP/MySQL. I moved into Software Process consulting, including process audits and improvement based on models like ISO and CMMI. I have over a decade years experience in the IT sector.

What sparked your interest in returning to a career in Tech? We’d love to hear about the magic that drew you back!

After a 6 year break due to travel and caregiving, I wanted to return to my career when my daughter joined kindergarten. I was wondering if I could make it as lots have changed. I was looking at the latest trends in digital technologies. I learnt a bit about cloud, looked at learning options, and started my Salesforce CRM trailhead journey.

What made the Relaunch Program so intriguing that you couldn’t resist applying? Share with us what caught your attention.

First, I was coming after a break and wanted a platform where people could relate to me, encourage me and give me the initial hand-holding I needed. Two, I had already started learning Salesforce CRM, and Capgemini is a Salesforce leader. I couldn’t resist reading about Relaunch program and the previous Relauncher’s interview!

How has the Relaunch Program opened doors and provided you with exciting opportunities? We can’t wait to hear about your accomplishments!

Relaunch Program included Connect to Capgemini and Salesforce ecosystem leaders, Corporate Process and Tools demo, Agile project management, Bootcamp training in Salesforce, and Shadow Support in projects. Also, as a cohort, we could share our challenges and help overcome them together.

Undoubtedly it opened doors, yes with visionary leaders like Juanita Blanch, who helped me with opportunities based on my strengths and mentors like Andrew Sheldon, who guided me to navigate my path and all my colleagues who were kind to me in this journey, I could make it! From getting the Salesforce Admin Certificate to getting great client feedback on my first billable project.

Finally, what advice would you give to women looking to rejoin or kickstart their career in Tech? Your wisdom can inspire many aspiring tech-savvy individuals!

Be curious and open to learning and exploring new opportunities. In today’s world, we have access to tech learning courses, Apps, developer edition, nd even Sustainability so you can explore your interests and play around. Don’t forget that failures are stepping stones to success and be kind to yourself.

I would recommend Capgemini Relaunch program for the great people involved and the well structured pathway!