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Cloud services for Life sciences

Anticipate and overcome tomorrow’s challenges today. Lead the way in life sciences by leveraging the full potential of cloud.

The life sciences stand on a transformative threshold.

Increasingly connected products, faster and safer clinical trials, mounting sustainability challenges – all require new levels of agility. The answer? Leverage the power of cloud.

In a post-pandemic world, agility is crucial. Life sciences leaders need resilience to face new disruptions, but just as importantly, they need the ability to speed up innovation – and that means managing unprecedented amounts of data, quickly and effectively.

The foundations of an agile life sciences company – be it an established pharmaceutical leader or a new medical equipment manufacturer – all rest on data.  Smart factory, Intelligent Supply Chain, Data-driven R&D and a host of other advances are only possible with the data capabilities that cloud supports. 

Reducing the time it takes to get your product to market, all while maintaining compliance, has never been more critical. But the challenge of managing costs and efficiency can pose a troubling problem. 

Our experts in life sciences and cloud technology can help you make this transformation. Together, we can define your cloud strategy and accelerate your approach to overcoming the challenges of tomorrow. 

Cloud for faster, safer clinical trials

Clinical trials costs are unsustainable, often reaching billions of euros. Moreover, the entire process, from preclinical research to obtaining FDA/EMA approval, can span a decade or more. Recognizing these challenges, the importance of digitalization in addressing these issues cannot be overstated. Digital technologies, supported by cloud, make it possible to expedite the development process, significantly reducing both time and costs.  

This not only benefits revenues, but also holds tremendous value for our society, particularly in terms of potentially providing powerful drugs for unmet healthcare needs and currently incurable diseases. By substituting some aspects of “real” lab work with digital approaches, we can unlock new possibilities and propel advancements in the life sciences industry. Advances such as these require multiple technologies and vast amounts of data, which cloud makes possible.

Support your sustainability goals with cloud 

We believe that the only way to meet today’s global challenges is to embed sustainable practices into our everyday ways of working. Cloud plays a key role in that journey. Further, as an inherently flexible solution, cloud services can be continuously optimized to save energy and costs. Our team draws on vast experience across industries to drive sustainable IT. 

The life sciences industry must be prepared to meet sustainability targets for the future. Cloud will help you create value while taking action, saving time and cutting costs along the way.

Valuable insights, unrivaled experience 

With years of experience helping life sciences leaders migrate to the cloud, we are a trusted partner in cloud transformation services. We understand the unique needs of the life sciences industry, the sensitivity of your data, and the importance of privacy and security. 

We also understand the importance of swiftly analyzing disruption, developments, and results. With our expertise, we will enable your enterprise to leverage the speed of cloud to help you foster continuous innovation and get the future you want.   

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