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Resilient_and_sustainable supply chains

Intelligent supply chain solutions for life sciences

A digital supply chain transformation helps life sciences organizations solve profound and persistent challenges. Here’s how pharma and Medtech leaders are benefitting from an intelligent supply chain.

Sustainability and resiliency across supply chain for life sciences will play a critical role in future success.

In many ways, modern medicine began with the microscope. For the first time, scientists were able to see the microscopic world beneath their fingertips. Today, industry leaders face new life sciences supply chain challenges. The first step, again, will be to see the problem up close.

Pharma and Medtech firms face multiple supply chain challenges  – some common, and some specific to the life sciences field. Disruption was exacerbated during the pandemic and lockdowns. Geopolitical conflicts pushed the simple supply chains of the past further out of reach. The result? In a 2023 global survey of manufacturing, life sciences, and retail supply chain executives, just 46% reported having the necessary supply chain visibility and resiliency to react to disruptions effectively.

Going forward, supply chain resilience will require a new set of solutions.

Supply chain strategy and performance management

An intelligent supply chain is an integrated, collaborative, responsive ecosystem that provides end-to-end visibility of the entire value chain. It not only helps solve the supply chain challenges of the day, but also lays the groundwork for future life sciences solutions.

Our digital supply chain transformation team helps you assess maturity, define your vision and create a value-driven roadmap to orchestrate your transformation to an intelligent supply chain. Deeper understanding in turn enables the flow of information among partners, helping to seamlessly orchestrate all stakeholders. 

Network design and risk management

Gain the skills and tools to segment end-markets and channels, differentiate service offerings, and design intelligent supply chain networks throughout the product life cycle, while monitoring systemic risks over time.

Smart forecasting and integrated business planning

It’s one thing to see what’s happening now. The ability to forecast what’s coming takes your supply chain intelligence to a new level. We help you design, build and deploy smart forecasting and integrated business planning to better anticipate customer demand. An intelligent supply chain strategy also helps optimize service, stock levels and enterprise performance management.

360o sourcing analysis – supplier development and collaboration

The right partners can make or break an enterprise. Gain the skills to build and deploy supplier scorecards – rating suppliers in terms of resilience, performance and sustainability, driving continuous improvement of supplier effectiveness.

Touchless order-to-delivery

Architect, integrate and deploy Information Systems (IS) solutions from order management to agile warehousing and transportation, improving delivery processes and customer experience.

Supply chain as-a-service

Benefit from the best in supply chain management without sacrificing your team’s time and attention. Our team combines deep life-sciences knowledge with insights from across industries, ensuring that the latest solutions and skills are all brought to bear to meet your individual needs.

A flexible solution across Life Sciences Supply Chains

Supply chain challenges vary significantly among different life sciences companies, and their product and process types. The most significant differences are between Medical Technology (MedTech) and Pharmaceuticals (Pharma). Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions for Life Sciences adapts seamlessly to address individual, evolving needs across sectors. Here’s how life sciences solutions vary according to need:

The MedTech industry has faced demand disruptions and supply side shocks, rising global inflation, supply bottlenecks, and geopolitical uncertainty. Customer expectations on cost versus service experience have become polarized, and the industry confronts increasing complexity due to portfolio expansion, global volatility, and stringent regulations.

The Pharma industry witnessed explosive growth during the pandemic, driven by vaccines and COVID-19 therapies. However, Pharma leaders are left with new supply chain challenges in the form of new launch models, complex regulations, post-COVID-19 demand for mental health therapies, COVID-19 vaccine supply and demand effects, retail prescription market volume growth, and ambitious sustainability goals.

Intelligent Supply Chains Solutions for Life Sciences enables all life science leaders to strike a balance among cost, service, and inventory, while prioritizing resilience and sustainability. Intelligent supply chains play a pivotal role in navigating these challenges and achieving desired outcomes of resilience, cost-effectiveness, service excellence, optimized inventory, and long-term sustainability.

Sustainability and resilience for the future

Sustainability continues to gain focus across the globe, and supply chains provide a key target for decarbonization. Fortunately, many of the same tools that help you improve visibility and efficiency also help you – and your suppliers – optimize for energy consumption and reduce unnecessary transportation miles.

If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. Contact us to learn more about the ways intelligent supply chains help you gain control over some of your most crucial processes.

Contact one of our experts and find out how our data capabilities can further your R&D.

    Resilient and sustainable supply chains for life sciences

    An Intelligent Supply Chain becomes a critical enabler of the business and its goals.

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      Brian Eden

      Vice President, Global Life Sciences Technical Operations Leader, Capgemini
      Leading process and digital solutions in Pharma and Medical Device Operations “We are at an exciting moment when our data systems and analytics are finally capable of helping us fulfill the promise of Industry 4.0 for Pharma and Med Tech. We must move digital transformation forward boldly, all the while keeping our efforts grounded in the fundamentals of data architecture and Lean Thinking that got us to where we are today. “

      Craig Barton

      Offer Owner, Intelligent Supply Chain for Life Sciences