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Client story

Better trading for our financial services clients

Client: Financial services organizations
Region: Europe
Sector: Banking and capital markets, insurance

Capgemini Czech Republic has been able to bring a stable and powerful back-end system to clients across the financial services industry with Capitol.


Our clients were looking a comprehensive solution for all requirements related to trading in financial markets. They particularly wanted a third party ecosystem with open APIs, that makes it possible to extend their financial instruments and investment services offer across both the wholesale and retail markets.


With our Capitol solution, we are able to provide trading in collective investment, including regular investment, as well as trading issues of financial instruments, certificates, domestic and foreign securities. It enables the settlement of trades and instructions with investment products, the administration and management of customer asset accounts (customer portfolios), and income payouts by issuers of investment instruments (corporate actions). It also allows portfolio management according to defined methodologies (IFRS 9), including the management of accounting books and reporting.

The solution contains connectors for communication via the Xetra business system, CDCP CZ, CDCP SK., ISB., SWIFT., FIX Order Gateway.


Thanks to our use of Capitol, the Capgemini Czech Republic team has been able to meet our clients’ needs in the areas of securities traders, asset management, building societies, start-ups, custody – and it can be used as an ideal solution for large and small companies.