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Client story

Operation dashboard implementation for European paper manufacturer

Client: Paper manufacturing group
Region: Europe
Sector: Manufacturing

Capgemini Hungary handled the core of the production administration for our manufacturing client.


Our client, a local subsidiary of a paper manufacturing group with numerous factories throughout Europe, used an Excel-based workshift and production process administration solution that was generating several XLS files each day. The Operation Effectiveness and other production-related reports were also being created manually based using spreadsheets. Consequently, no single point-of-truth data repository was available for historical operation effectiveness and production data and there was no solution for multiples users with appropriate authorization to manage the data in the Excel-based tool.


Capgemini proposed the implementation of a progressive web application and central data repository which would support the client’s work-shift and production administration processes.

We assessed and analyzed the work-shift and production administration processes, and created process maps with data sources and external processes/applications integrated. Wireframe Web UI models were elaborated to align the usability and effectiveness of the new solution.

A modern, responsive web application was implemented with a centralized data back-end, established interfaces with production planning applications, and a production process controlling application providing production sensor information as time-series data.

The technology used was C# .NET Core MVC Web Application with Syncfusion and Ajax Front-End functions, MS SQL Database, REST API based WebAPI integration with external application, and OPC server integration for sensor data with native C# libraries.


This approach has helped to eliminate the the manual, Excel-based work-shift and production administration processes – and it has established a single-point-of-truth centralized data repository for storing production administration data and time-series sensor information.

A state-of-the art, responsive web application was introduced to support the production administration processes with automatic data ingestion of sensor information, providing dynamic operative and management reporting and dashboard functionalities with the capability to handle digital media information (eg. images of broken-down machine parts, visual instructions for maintenance, etc.).