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Healthier Lives

The connected health and wellness market is set to grow 20% annually through 2024 – underscoring the need for consumer products brands to create products and services that align with consumers’ lifestyle needs.

Consumers’ desire for more visibility and transparency in the products they purchase and consume is driving the need for enhanced blockchain and traceability capabilities to build trust, loyalty, and authenticity.

Healthier lives: Pioneering change in the era of the health-conscious consumer

Our data-driven R&D capabilities help organizations infuse data, insights and AI into their R&D process in order to identify viable products and services and launch them quickly based on consumer behaviors and market trends.

Capgemini is proud to serve as a digital partner for the Consumer Goods Forum Collaboration for Healthier Lives initiative. Our goal is to help members design, build, and launch initiatives that leverage digital technologies, intelligent automation and data to advance the Healthier Cart movement.

Our business transformation capabilities help our clients become leaders, innovators, advocates, and agents of change for our communities, our industry, and the world at large.

Data-driven R&D

We help you transform R&D to deliver the right product at the right time.