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Client story

Analytical Capabilities and Driving Prototypes

Creating a competency center for Analytics for a government authority.

Client challenges: Our client, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, wanted to exploit the potential of Analytics Services for assisting decision making and decreasing manual efforts.

They were looking to build a competency center as a service unit for analytics capabilities and develop analytical prototypes. Not only did they need to grant data access to the competency center with respect to legal and data security requirements, but they has also purchased a big data platform and needed to set it up in a usable state.

Solution: As part of the project, Capgemini Invent analyzed the maturity of the Analytics capabilities of the organization. We created a concept for the competency center regarding vision, operating model, and processes.

Using this, we implemented a tool based agile way of working and promoted cultural change to support the development of the first analytical prototypes from data access to visualization.

Capgemini Invent enabled our client to drive analytical prototypes, bundling analytical capabilities and creating synergies from distinct projects. The project increased accessibility for data, breaking up ancient ways of working. Through supporting the mandate fulfillment of the authority, we helped to create the image of a modern authority.

The analytics service united serves as an active driver to ensure that Data Analytics is a natural component of our daily work at the federal office

Markus Richter, Vice President Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

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