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Generative AI

As Generative AI continues to advance, early adopter organizations will benefit from reinvented business models and processes.

About one-fifth of executives surveyed in our research globally say generative AI will significantly disrupt their industries. Gen AI is already fueling digital transformation in many sectors, leading to performance improvement as well as next-generation customer engagement and personalized experiences,

While these large models are undoubtedly powerful, it is essential to implement safeguards before fully integrating them into your business operations. Building on our market leading position in Data & AI, we help our clients deliver value and generate competitive advantage by leveraging trustworthy Gen AI at scale. We support CXOs in setting their Gen AI strategy and identifying use cases aligned to their business expectations and requirements, offering a portfolio of tailored Gen AI solutions.

Dinara Kasko works with Capgemini to elevate her possible

Next-level ideas are on the menu with Custom Generative AI for Enterprise. We are partnering with Dinara Kasko, an amazing creative talent. Dinara is an architect-designer combining her skills with 3D printing and AI to create unique and mind-blowing patisserie.

How we can help

Elevate your possible. Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and our Custom Generative AI for Enterprise offer.

Revamp your software development life cycle. We help transform the very core of your software engineering process and organization, then iteratively measure the progress to achieve continuous improved outcomes.

With Generative AI for Customer Experience, we help organizations develop tuned foundation models and help them navigate the complexities of generative AI. We provide guidance through the entire process, including assessments, framework implementation, and business templates, to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Generative AI strategy enables CXOs to define and prioritize the most relevant generative AI use cases for their business, demonstrate the tangible value that can be achieved, and lay the right foundations in terms of people, process and technology for scaling their generative AI investments while mitigating the risks.

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    Generative AI Lab

    Our Generative AI Lab is a dedicated team of experts specialized in artificial intelligence from various Capgemini teams around the world.

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